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Join as she leads us through a 20 mins meditation for workers across the UK and beyond!
In the last 31 years as a paramedic I've never seen colleagues scared before...
Wondering what to pray at this time? Here's a few prayer pointers from leaders of our Christian Professional and Sector Groups
Thy Kingdom Come is a global wave of prayer from 21-31 May. Why not incorporate this into your group's programme?
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Ros Turner
"Christians are good news for every organisation! At Transform Work UK, we encourage the development of Christian Workplace Groups that engage with management in a meaningful way to be a positive influence for all staff and the organisation as a whole."
Ros Turner
What's going on?
Monday 1st June 2020 6:00pm
We are so excited to have Christy Childers join us all the way from Christians at Facebook in the Silicon Valley, USA! Christy also co leads our sister organisation in the States called Faith and Work Movement.
Monday 15th June 2020 6:30pm
Steve Cox, Chair of Christians in Media, will be joining us tonight. We look forward to hear testimonies of God at work in the Media industry as well as share topics for prayer. Join us at 6:30pm.
Tuesday 16th June 2020 7:30pm
A chance to get together and discuss and pray how our Christian Workplace Groups are getting on during the COVID-19 crisis.
Thursday 18th June 2020 6:00pm
To showcase & celebrate what the LORD is doing through Christian Workplace Groups and Christian Professional & Sector Groups across the UK and internationally. Come to the celebration evening during which the AGM will take place on zoom.
The Christian in the Workplace