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14.49% increase in Membership, 5.04% increase in Twitter followers... A positive time for the Christian Ambulance Association.
Good news update from Steve Matthews, Liverpool Ambassador. Watch videos of council employees sharing about their workplace group activities.
Transform Work UK recently attended the Heaven in Healthcare Conference on October 12th 2019, where they heard testimonies from professionals working in the Healthcare sector.
We are at a significant time in our Nation as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union. Christians in Government believe that Christians can play their part in joining together in prayer across the UK for the UK.
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Ros Turner
"Christians are good news for every organisation! At Transform Work UK, we encourage the development of Christian Workplace Groups that engage with management in a meaningful way to be a positive influence for all staff and the organisation as a whole."
Ros Turner
What's going on?
Wednesday 20th November 2019 6:00pm
Networking event for leaders of Christian workplace groups in Bristol and those interested in starting a group.  We will be discussing how we can reach out to the workplaces of the city through developing new workplace groups and growing the reach of existing ones. 
Friday 29th November 2019 6:00pm
This event is to celebrate 50 years of Christian witness and fellowship in Borough Hall, Bedford (formerly County Hall) and is aimed at past and present members of that group. It will also be a networking event for other Christian workplace groups in the area as well as individuals who would like to set up such a group. Representatives of local churches will also be welcome to give them an insight into the benefits of Christian staff groups in the workplace. 
The Christian in the Workplace