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God is at work in the workplaces of the country! Many groups are busy being a blessing to their organisations, reaching out to their colleagues and changing the culture within their organisation.

At TWUK we love to bring you the latest news of what groups are doing, to inspire and encourage others that they could do the same! We also like to tell you about what we're doing in TWUK, as we help and encourage groups in their calling.

Here are some stories of what is happening. If you have a story to share, please let us know on
Karis at Action for Children helpfully takes us through the steps she followed in setting up a Christian Workplace Group there
Sefton Council CWG looks outwards and holds an Alpha course together with nearby groups and provides Easter eggs for council employees
The CWG at Bedford Council have gone through difficult times as councils have merged and downsized, but a faithful few are rejoicing in God's goodness, and have already laid plans and sent invitations for this year's Christmas carol service.
If you lead a group in the Warwickshire area, or are interested in starting one, then come along to this networking workshop and hear the next steps to take!
Lee, of the Christians in the Royal Bank of Scotland CWG, talks to Ros about his story of coming to know Jesus, what the CWG means to him, and of the group's plans for Easter.
It’s good to hear of CWGs that are flourishing and making a real impact in the workplace, like the group at Bromley Council whose meetings are providing an inspirational, Spirit-led foundation for moving forward in transforming the workplace.
If you're a Christian in the workplace in the Cardiff area, come and hear Ros talk about starting a CWG where you work.
Feedback from the carol service at Accenture reminds us of how valuable such events are in the workplace, and how much they are appreciated
Some personnel changes in TWUK - Michael Coveney leaves, Femi Idowu and Joe Walsh join as lead ambassadors
A senior manager's view of the benefits of having a Christian group within her council, and her support for the carol service the group organised
A networking event for CWG leaders and those interested in forming a CWG.
The PM's endorsement of the recent report 'Speak Up', discussing Christians' freedom to talk about the gospel in the workplace, is an encouragement to us all!
Much has been achieved in 2016, but in 2017 TWUK continues to move forward, supporting groups in supporting they workplaces, and heading towards 1000 CGWs in the nation.
News of services put on through the year by the Christian group at an airline at Heathrow in a local church and, in particular, a really well-supported Christmas event.
News of a highly successful TWUK networking event in Derby.
How the Wiltshire Council CWG altered their meeting format in response to changes in working patterns which were affecting attendance at their group and saw numbers multiply by five!
Could you use a Diversity and Inclusion notice board in your workplace to advertise the presence of your CWG? Through their involvement with the organisation's diversity agenda, the group at E.ON asked for, and now use, such notice boards.
Presentations and video from the TWUK conference and AGM held at the Emmanuel Centre on 22nd October 2016
Christian Workplace Group member Robert wears a clerical collar while working as a procurement officer at Chelmsford City Council. We speak to him to find out why, and what impact it has had in his secular workplace.
Work in the marketing, advertising or communications fields? Now there's a new sector group for you to get involved with.

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