Transform Work Strategy

Transform Work now supports over 500 groups in the UK, but we believe that God is challenging us to a much wider vision, and we have been listening to where He is leading us.
We believe there are 5 main areas where He is calling us to grow over the next 5 years, based around this picture:
Transform Work is all about relationships – connecting and equipping Christians in the workplace and we are hearing God’s voice to develop this in 5 ways

Widen our community – to expand our community and support smaller organisations, growing groups in the North of the UK and Scotland, and reach across 12 countries

Deepen our impact – to grow our Ambassador network to 72 Ambassadors, increase the ways we support groups, provide work from home support and develop impact patterns for groups to influence their organisations

Influence our culture – to increase our partnerships with churches, media, Diversity & Inclusion networks and throughout government

Communications – to build strong and broad communications channels through social media and marketing

Firepower – to underpin these with prayer, governance, technology and finance which will form our firepower.


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