Remembering Our Colleagues

Are you grieving for a colleague due to Covid-19?   Swan Ceremonies have created a leaflet for workers to help you at this time. Click on the picture to hear Andrew share about their resource.

Many of you have been in touch to ask for resources on how to grieve for your colleagues during this time as lock down loosens and people start returning to their places of work.

Andrew Drury, featured in the video above used to actively support a Christian Workplace Group in National Government in London, advising a major government department on religion and belief, and is still a good friend of Transform Work UK.

He is now working in the Funeral Industry for Swan Ceremonies and together with Rev Jonathan Martins, who is a Chaplain to seamen in Poole, amongst his many roles.

They have created two leaflets to support you – the workplace Christian and your colleagues who might be going through the process of grief in work.

If you would like a copy please email or contact Andrew at

We hope the information within these leaflets will be a real resource for

  • you personally to help you grief for a colleague who lost their life to Covid-19
  • your Christian Workplace Group where members may be grieving
  • your organisation.  These leaflets will be a great support to your managers as they seek to support all staff whatever faith and non-faith at this time.

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