PwC Christians

At PwC Christians our vision is about ‘living and sharing Jesus with colleagues and clients’. We are here to help make the person of Jesus Christ known to those we meet in the workplace and to share the good news of what he has done for all of us; we seek to do this both by living out our faith, and trying to answer any questions that those asking may have about him. We also provide a place where Christians in PwC (and those wanting to know more about being a Christian) can help one another to grow in their faith and develop their individual relationships with Jesus Christ, through encouragement, prayer and reading the Bible. Many of our offices have weekly or fortnightly meetings and links with local lunchtime talks and prayer meetings. Throughout the year we also run a number of events across many of the UK offices. This has included everything from carol services to handing out hot cross buns at Easter and from talks on aspects of the Christian life to courses introducing people to the Christian faith.

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Email: moc.cwp@krowten_naitsirhc_cwp_ku


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