Ministry 2 Business

Ministry2Business (launched in July 2012) seeks to be a positive, innovative and supportive Christian influence within the midst of its city centre business community which enables its professionals to explore God’s call on their lives and the relevance of faith to their work. We are committed to helping promote a healthy, vibrant business community in the heart of the city, and helping its people with the challenges and opportunities that they face on a day to day basis. Therefore, we provide one-to-one confidential support for business leaders, topical seminars on key business/lifestyle issues, whilst also providing opportunities for people to explore the integration of faith and work, and to investigate the bigger questions of life. We host a range of events throughout the year typically located in the city centre including a monthly lunchtime prayer meeting. We also collaborate with other groups and churches to practically support people in their workplaces. All our events are listed on the website.

Enquiry Contact Information:

Phone: [+44] 07890860022

Email: ku.oc.ssenisub2yrtsinim@etep


90 Deansgate
Greater Manchester
M3 2GP
United Kingdom