International Christian Chamber Of Commerce (ICCC)

'To envision, equip and release Christians and their businesses into a Kingdom dimension which honours, glorifies and promotes Jesus Christ as Lord of the marketplace.' ICCC is a platform from which the message of Christ for our time is interpreted, shared and proclaimed to the business world. The call of ICCC is encapsulated by the words of the prophet Malachi: "And those, says the Lord, shall I have as my own in that day, when I do my work: and I will spare them as a father spares his son that serves him. And you shall once again see the difference between him that serves the Lord and him that serves him not..." Malachi 3:17-18 Regional Contacts throughout the country. For further queries, please contact the main office.

Enquiry Contact Information:

Phone: [+44] 03452235466

Email: ten.ccci.ku@eciffo


ICCC UK Office
PO Box 299
PO12 9GW
United Kingdom