Derbyshire Healthcare FT (DHCFT) Christian Network

2020.10.07 RL Approx 5 years as a small group but has grown in the last 2 years and more so in the last 6 months. Focus is on scripture, supporting each other and prayer. We have formal recognition in the trust and has been approved with a trust director sponsor. There have been signposting to church Alphas and events but nothing internally as yet
The group is open to Christians across DHCFT spanning the whole of Derbyshire and in a range of professions, nurses, doctors, OT’s, admin, catering, domestics etc. We have a WhatsApp group. We hold monthly lunch time meetings and weekly pre work meetings. We aim to support each other, have fellowship and seek to follow Trust values and behaviours at all times in line with professional codes for which staff may be members of professional bodies.


We meet on Wednesday 8.30-9 via Microsoft Teams and different days for lunch time meetings via Microsoft Teams


Centre for Research & Development,
Kingsway Hospital,
DE22 3LZ
United Kingdom