Cardiff Council Christian Fellowship

We work for Cardiff Council and are a group of colleagues that are radically reaching out in the workplace - to shine the light of Christ to each other and those who do not know God - yet! We are following the Holy Spirit to establish the Kingdom of God in our workplace, in Cardiff and in Wales. We also intend - by the grace of God - to expand beyond where we are right now, by networking, and positively reaching out to our colleagues, other organisations, MPs, Councillors, Managers and people from other cultures, groups and even countries. It's up to the Lord and the sky's the limit! If you want to contact us we would love to hear from you. Thank you and God bless you. :) Sue Glendinning Internal Council page: http://web1/equalities

Enquiry Contact Information:

Phone: [+44] (07896) 499 060

Email: moc.snaitsirhclicnuocffidrac@maet


Strangers & Pilgrims
65 North Road
CF10 3DX
United Kingdom