Calderstones School, Liverpool

2020.01.12 RL Put her in touch with other CWGs in other schools. She emailed the below…

After chatting to Vicky a few weeks ago I started to feel the gentle nudge of the Holy Spirit to get the prayer boxes set up in school so I prayed. Then last week we heard news that one of our Y11 students had taken his own life by throwing himself off a building in Liverpool. As you can imagine school has been a sad and difficult, but comforting place to be this week and lots of staff and students have struggled to get their heads around it.

With Covid affecting so many lives too I’ve had a couple of staff open up to me about their own or their loved ones mental health and so I really feel now is the time to offer prayer for our staff.

I spoke with Jamie yesterday and we have hatched a plan! I’ve created a poster for staff rooms and Jamie has drafted an email to Lee our head. He’s created an email alias and an anonymous google docs form so we are good to go.

I feel so strongly that God wants to work in Lee’s life and I know he and Jamie have spoken briefly about God. He’s googled bible verses etc. so we know he is searching. I’ve emailed him several times to encourage him, as he’s done an amazing job through lockdown and the handling of such difficult situations more recently and told him I’m praying for him, but that’s as deep as it’s got.

Please would you pray for us as we endeavour to bring God into the midst of every day school life that people will be excited and moved to ask for prayer and not hostile towards us. This is a huge step for me, I’m a quiet Christian and I’m quite nervous if I’m honest, but I know this is right at this time and I need to step out for him.

Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers and for believing God could do something wonderful in Calderstones school, I keep holding on to that!

Your prayers are very much appreciated.


Staff meeting to support each other and to pray for the school.


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