Airbus Filton

The Vision of Airbus Christian Fellowship is: 1. to be a light, a lamp & a beacon on a hill at Airbus 2. to stand for truth, righteousness & integrity at Airbus 3. to encourage & build one another up. We have 3 meetings a week: Prayer in Barnwell House on Mondays (12:15-13:00) Prayer in 07S on Wednesdays (12:45-13:30) Bible Study in Barnwell House on Thursdays (12:45-13:30) Sometimes we have outside speakers. The site is very large and the total number working here is several thousands. There are around 30-40 in the Fellowship. We are a group from various church backgrounds and it is interesting & encouraging to see how much we have in common and how we can all complement one another! Thursdays are normally our bible study but we intersperse these with outside speakers which are inspiring & thought provoking & are good for inviting people who don’t normally come! A weekly email is sent with a word for the week to keep people in touch.

Enquiry Contact Information:

Email: ku.oc.oohay@namaeS.rednaxelA


New Filton House
123 Glouester Road North
BS99 7AR
United Kingdom