Start a Christian Workplace Group

Start a Christian Workplace Group

If your workplace doesn’t already have a Group, then starting one couldn’t be easier;

  • Ask the Lord to lead you and spend time in his presence 
  • Ask the Lord to connect you with other Christians in your organisation 
  • Choose a time and a place to regularly start meeting either on your own, or preferably with Christian colleagues, and
  • Pray for the firm establishment of a Christian Workplace Group. 
  • Start a means of communicating such as WhatsApp, Email, Calls

In time, once a regular weekly rhythm is established and numbers grow, you will want to consider

  • Why the groups exists and to write your vision or terms of reference down and after prayer, invite management consultation and seek to be formally recognition as a staff network group (also known as Employee Resource Group in some organisations). 

For example you might have two clear objectives, to faithfully support the work of your organisation and to support its people (your colleagues).  Here is an example of what those objectives might look like:

Objective 1. Supporting the vision of your organisation

  • Praying for the key priorities / projects / objectives of your organisation and those working on them
  • Asking God for His solutions, protection and insights
  • Reporting relevant insights to management / agencies / public bodies
  • Engaging with Christian stake holders within your line of work

Objective 2. Supporting the people working in your organisation inline with the Equality Act 2010

  • Connect: increase visibility of Christians in your organisation so more staff can find and join your group whatever faith or non faith. (intranet / welcome / induction packs / email signature blocks / articles on inhouse publications from a faith perspective)
  • Equip: enable Christians to bring their whole selves to work including sharing their faith in Jesus. Giving opportunities to up skill e.g., leading meetings, arranging organisational wide Christian festivals, writing articles, opportunities to engage with Christian stake holders, opportunities to grow in faith skills such as hearing God’s voice in work to benefit the organisation.
  • Support: Offer of Christian pray support for ALL staff whatever faith or non faith.  To create opportunities for ALL staff to learn about Jesus & Christianity.

We would encourage you to formally register your group with your organisation’s Diversity, Equality and Inclusion framework so that you have the opportunity to bring Christ’s perspective into the culture of your work in a logical rational way.

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