Workplace Booklets

Workplace Booklets

Read, share, forward on, download, give away, tell your church…  We want you to be equipped and confident as a Christian in your place of work.  These are free resources but if you like what you read please donate to those organisations that have produced them for your benefit.

A practical 'how to guide' on growing an
effective Christian Workplace Group

Get your pens at the ready... this booklet is designed to be more than simply information sharing. Throughout the booklet you will be asked to reflect on your particular situation and to identity what practical steps you might take to establish a Christian Workplace Group where you work. There are a number of exercise that can be undertaken individually or perhaps with other Christians who share your desire to establish an effective Christian presence in your workplace. We hope to challenge and assist Christians in being a positive presence in their workplace, in particular by developing and establishing effective and vibrant Christian Workplace Groups that are able to make a real impact in their organisation.

Sharing the Gospel at Work...
What can I say at work and how should I say it?

In the vast majority of cases, employers will have little problem with Christian employees sensitively discussing Jesus and religious issues with workmates in the same way that they might talk about sport, hobbies and family life. This little booklet gives you top ten tips for sharing your faith sensitively and effectively.

Take Stock and Test the Current ‘Health’ of
Your Christian Workplace Group.

How is your Christian Workplace Group getting on? Do you still have the same zeal and spark at the start as you do a few years in? Or are you experiencing difficulties, with numbers of members falling and activity in the workplace decreasing as key leaders having left, with no-one to take over... Starting a Group is a challenge, but keeping it running is sometimes even more difficult and it’s important that members, and those who lead the group, are able to effectively tackle the ‘lows’ as well as enjoying the ‘highs’. ‘Revive and Rejuvenate’ is an 11 page booklet which provides practical advice for Christian Workplace Groups on how they might be refreshed and revitalised.

An Employer's Guide to Christian Beliefs

This resource was produced in collaboration with ADF International, the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Alliance to provide employers with insight on how Christian beliefs might manifest in the workplace, as well as exploring and analysing the relevant law in the area. It aims to be a useful and informative reference for employers in the United Kingdom, encouraging them to cultivate an inclusive work environment and giving specific examples on how that might be achieved. It also seeks to equip and inspire Christians with confidence and knowledge of the current legal freedoms they enjoy in the workplace.

Managing Workplace Stress - A Christian Perspective

This booklet focuses primarily upon managing workplace stress and suggests that it is not necessarily the pressures that we encounter in the workplace which cause us stress, but rather how we manage them. Some practical approaches to managing stress are suggested, but in particular, the management of stress is considered from a Christian perspective. The booklet is ideal for Christians in the workplace, as well as for Christian groups and management teams who want to help their colleagues and employees deal with stress and its impact on work and everyday life.