Christian Professional and Sector Groups

The below groups link Christians working in various professions or sectors with the purpose of promoting Christian values within their areas of expertise.  If there isn’t a link to a web site and you’d like to know more about a group please contact us here.

Health and Social Care

Christians in Allied Health
Christians in Pharmacy
Heaven in Healthcare
Christian Medical Fellowship
British Association of Christians in Psychology
Christian Dental Fellowship
Association of Christian Counsellors
Care Home Christian Network
Christian Nurses and Midwives
Christian Ambulance Association
Christians Working with the Bereaved
Veterinary Christian Fellowship

Government, Public Services and Administration

Christians in Politics
Firefighters For Christ
Christians in Government
London Councils Christian Network
Christians in Library and Information Services
Christians in Communications

Arts, Media, Sport and Culture

Arts Centre Group
Christians in Media
Christians in Sport
Christians in Entertainment

Defence and Military

Defence Christian Network
Armed Forces Christian Union
The Soldiers' & Airmen's Scripture Readers Association

Banking and Finance

Association of Christian Economics
Association of Christian Financial Advisers

Science, Education and Lifelong Learning

Christians in Science
Christian Literacy Studies
Christian Academic Network
Association of Christian Teachers

Property, Construction, Environment and International Development

Christians in Property
Christians in Architecture and Planning
Agricultural Christian Fellowship

Law, Justice and Security

Lawyers Christian Fellowship
Prison Service Christian Network
Christian Police Association


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