About Us

Our Vision

Inspiring Christians to transform their workplace and the nation.

Transform Work UK is a charitable organisation whose aim is to see the UK workplace transformed, locally and nationally, by every Christian living out their faith in effective workplace ministry, leading to transformation over time in the nation’s culture, values and spiritual environment.

Aims and Objectives 

We create and strengthen communities of like-minded colleagues, both inside and outside the work setting, to live out their faith where they are. We believe the best way for you to thrive as a Christ follower in your place of work is to be connected with others within your workplace, profession or sphere.  You can use our directory to find these Christians and together bring the culture of heaven to your everyday work scene.
We encourage people to see that their workplace matters to God; inspire them to live out their faith, and provide advice, training and resources to enable them to do so. Did you know you are protected by law as a Christ follower to share your faith in Jesus at work!  Did you know you can engage in your organisations multi faith forum and their diversity, equality and inclusion framework.  Did you know you can make a positive difference and share the Gospel?
We help individuals and groups to grow in confidence and effectiveness as they seek to benefit their organisations, sectors and professions, through prayer as needed. We have a fabulous team of Ambassadors who can’t wait to be in touch and encourage you as a Christ follower in your work.  We also have Associates who are experts in apologetics, training in faith sharing, well being & meditation.  We are also privileged to have a pastoral & prayer team for workplace issues.
Where requested, we occasionally attend events and speak on behalf of workplace Christians.

Our History

Transform Work UK was born out of 2 workplace ministries, the Christian Workplace Forum and Getting God 2 Work. These two ministries came to recognise that together, they could have a far greater impact than in isolation. They both had a strong history of supporting Christians in the workplace, and in many cases, there were significant overlaps in the groups and people they dealt with. The new ministry was formed in 2007, working in close partnership with many other workplace organisations across the whole of the UK.

What We Believe

At Transform Work UK, we believe that work is part of God’s plan for humankind – it’s how things get done on earth.  We need educators, health workers, cleaners, designers, engineers to make the world function.   God has made each person unique with a set of skills & passions and He wants us to use them, to put them to work, often alongside other people to fulfill our role on earth and to accomplish His plans.

However, as a Christian, we can often feel isolated in our faith in the workplace, and unsure of what God’s plan is for us. This is where Christian Workplace Groups can help.  A Christian Workplace Group gathers Christians working for the same organisation that through prayer and planning, engages in activities which bring benefits to the whole organisation and all its employees.

Christian Workplace Groups are being established all over the UK and come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small with just a few Christians meeting and praying, while others are very large groups in national and international organisations where they play a major role in policy development and its day to day activities. It doesn’t matter that these groups are different – they are all part of God’s Plan.

So is God calling you to set up a Christian Group in your place of work? If you find that a bit daunting, don’t worry, you are not alone.  Do get in touch if you’d like to chat anything through office@transformworkuk.org

Annual Report

Like all charitable organisations, we prepare annual accounts and reports that are submitted to both Companies House (as we are a charitable company) and to the Charity Commission. Our financial reports can be obtained from these sources.   If you have any questions do get in contact with us at office@transformworkuk.org.

Charity Status and Address

Transform Work UK is a registered charity, number 1120053. Our registered address is 8 Marshalsea Road, London, SE1 1HL.