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It includes highlights of what the TWUK team have been doing the previous month, links to inspiring stories from the workplace groups, information on upcoming events, and, occasionally, something different!

Be sure to let us know of what's happening in your group so that the good news of what God is doing in groups around the nation spreads and inspires others!

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Changes Ahead! Changes to the eNews, reflections on work as an act of worship and 2 major upcoming events.
TWUK has been busy in September; prophetic words; Christmas activities, can I really make a difference?; what will HR think of me as a Christian?
The TWUK vision is bigger than just our workplaces; we seek change in workplaces right across the nation! Survey results, the CWG 'following in Jesus' footsteps' series and more
An update on our progress! News from the Dept of Education, the newly-launched Christian Ambulance Network, and a great idea for capturing prayer requests from Christians at Network Rail
As Trevor takes over from Jeff as Chair of the TWUK Board, it's a good time to restate the wonderful vision that God has given TWUK. More stories of CWGs at work, and a look at coping with pressure in the life of a CWG
We are instruments to be used by Him! Prayer at the heart of group life, using the gifts God has given us, and the setting up of a CWG at Action for Children
Much of TWUK's work is done through holding workshops; the next 5 workshops are listed. Reaching out at Easter, planning for Christmas, and clear leadership in our groups
Jesus' resurrection gives us power in the workplace! Also featured: Christians in the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bromley Council CWG and establishing values as a group.
Please help us financially to continue to be 'Here for You', CWGs and CWG leaders. Other articles: 'Go for It', 'Bringing the Group Together', carol services and Michael Coveney moving on.
Start of a new series 'CWGs - Following Jesus' Footsteps'; feedback from a senior manager on the benefits of a CWG; Easter is approaching.
Happy New Year! This is a year of opportunities! Message from the TWUK Chair, the PM's views on sharing faith at work, and happenings at Heathrow.
TWUK and Christian Workplace Groups at the end of the year, a CWG's Christmas message, and a report of the Derby networking event
The TWUK annual conference showed that the presence of God at the workplace is growing! Two new articles from groups on helping groups grow, Christmas and TWUK events.
Final call for our conference later this month, we hear from a member of the Chelmsford council CWG, Christmas is coming, and upcoming TWUK events
We ask: are our groups relevant? CIG's West Midlands conference; our own TWUK conference and AGM; and, details of upcoming TWUK workshops on growing CWGs
Come to the Conference! An invitation to all to our 2016 Annual Conference and AGM, to be held at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, London, on Saturday 22nd October
A reminder of the recent release of our new booklet on starting a CWG, a look at how CWG leaders can learn from others, latest news from the groups and TWUK events coming soon
TWUK restructuring, release of our new booklet on starting a CWG, and looking at whether those of others faiths should be part of a CWG
How to find other Christians and start a new CWG. Update from the Christian Police Association.
Easter round-up, 'The Servant Queen', new Welsh ambassador, workshop in Derby, easyfundraising for TWUK
Jeff Steady takes a ‘long look’ at the work of Transform Work UK and asks whether you could “catch the fire and carry the vision?"
An encouragement to groups to be planning an Easter event in their workplace. Plus a report into a highly encouraging CWG leaders workshop held in Rugby.
New year, new opportunities! At TWUK we pray for all in the workplace, that God will use you mightily in 2016. Jeff writes on the potential global impact of the CWG model.
Following the Sign! Christian Workplace Groups follow God's leading as the wise men followed the star. Jeff's blog 'Why Christian Workplace Groups'. News of happenings in Bristol, a group at Gentoo in the broth-east and supporting the fire service.