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It includes highlights of what the TWUK team have been doing the previous month, links to inspiring stories from the workplace groups, information on upcoming events, and, occasionally, something different!

Be sure to let us know of what's happening in your group so that the good news of what God is doing in groups around the nation spreads and inspires others!

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Could your CWG run an event themed on one of the days in the diversity calendar? An event in Bedford to mark the Jewish 'Sukkot' festival. A story of what God is doing in Liverpool
TWUK is now offering prayer and pastoral support to individuals; a new booklet for employers entitled 'Christianity in the Workplace'; an event at Canary Wharf: 'The City Lights are On 2018: Walking in the Light'
Our new ambassador Steve Matthews talks about his experience of setting up a CWG and seeking formal recognition; the first Bedford area workshop; and God's pruning of us to make us more effective
Learning at Work Week at Thames Water; also, TWUK's weekly Facebook Live sessions, our Tithe Fund and name and branding Survey Monkey
Give us your thoughts on whether we should change our name! Further news from TWUK, including a connection with a US organisation with a similar vision to ours
Please support Transform Work UK financially and enable us to grow the work to build vibrant Christian Workplace Groups in workplaces across the country
CWGs are for everyone! Multi-faith forums, Ros unexpectedly called to help establish CWGs in prisons, how CWGs can help members facing redundancy
Our kaleidoscope God! TWUK are recruiting for a team administrator. Mailing preferences
We give thanks for all God is doing at the workplace. Also Christianity Awareness week at Ealing, prayer ideas around 'Thy Kingdom Come', and a new TWUK ambassador
Happy Easter everyone! Reports on events and activities at Barclays, Sefton Council, a look at building an altar in the workplace, and a Church of England pamphlet for church leaders
A CWG's pancake event, the TWUK AGM, a workshop in Suffolk and 40 Acts for Lent
Moving TWUK forward; engaging stakeholders while building a CWG; the 2018 TWUK AGM
A word of encouragement for the start of the year; the God of Diversity; report on a recent London event; determining a strategy for your group
What Christian Workplace Groups achieve? Read of the Sefton Council group's development following formal recognition. Tim Davis of EY talks about what the group there means to him. Help us to continue growing groups in the workplace.
Elizabeth looks at being active in our faith at the workplace, and read about the Superdry group, which has certainly been active recently!
Help us expand our team to give vital support to CWG leaders in the workplace. Please could you give financial support to the work of TWUK.
Changes Ahead! Changes to the eNews, reflections on work as an act of worship and 2 major upcoming events.
TWUK has been busy in September; prophetic words; Christmas activities, can I really make a difference?; what will HR think of me as a Christian?
The TWUK vision is bigger than just our workplaces; we seek change in workplaces right across the nation! Survey results, the CWG 'following in Jesus' footsteps' series and more
An update on our progress! News from the Dept of Education, the newly-launched Christian Ambulance Network, and a great idea for capturing prayer requests from Christians at Network Rail
As Trevor takes over from Jeff as Chair of the TWUK Board, it's a good time to restate the wonderful vision that God has given TWUK. More stories of CWGs at work, and a look at coping with pressure in the life of a CWG
We are instruments to be used by Him! Prayer at the heart of group life, using the gifts God has given us, and the setting up of a CWG at Action for Children
Much of TWUK's work is done through holding workshops; the next 5 workshops are listed. Reaching out at Easter, planning for Christmas, and clear leadership in our groups
Jesus' resurrection gives us power in the workplace! Also featured: Christians in the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bromley Council CWG and establishing values as a group.
Please help us financially to continue to be 'Here for You', CWGs and CWG leaders. Other articles: 'Go for It', 'Bringing the Group Together', carol services and Michael Coveney moving on.