Our Mission

In a nutshell, our mission is to inspire Christians to transform their workplace and the nation through the presence and activities of Christian workplace groups.

Our Vision

For Christian Workplace Groups, through living out their faith, to be a positive presence in all workplaces, bringing benefits to the organisation and all the people who work within them.

Our Strategy

To encourage Christian Groups in the workplace to seek formal recognition as a staff network group. This will be achieved through making available: a range of resources, an interactive database of existing Christian groups, personal contact with appointed TWUK ambassadors, and through developing local networking opportunities.

Our Goals

  • 1,000 - registered Christian groups on the TWUK database by 2020
  • 400 of these groups to have achieved formal recognition
  • Endorsed by 5 major Christian denominations
  • Be sufficiently funded through regular giving
  • Be a professionally run charity, which will include both volunteers and salaried staff.

These initiatives are implemented by the TWUK team, which comprises the TWUK Management Board and Trustees and a number of key volunteer workers.