Who's Who

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Transform Work UK's day-to-day activities are headed up by Ros Turner, who serves as our Director of Operations.
Ros Turner pic 2 Ros Turner - Director of Operations
Ros has been involved with workplace ministry since 2003, supporting and growing leaders of Christian Workplace Groups across the professions, industry and commerce.  Her passion is to see Christians thrive, to engage with their communities and be a positive influence there… and for many of us, our communities are our workplaces.  Her personal approach has been valued by many workplace groups.  
Her email address is ros.turner@

The Ambassador Team

At Transform Work UK we believe strongly in personal contact with workplace group leaders and their teams, at the appropriate level, offering support where and when it is needed.  Our Ambassador Team comprises a number of networkers we call 'ambassadors' who develop and nurture contacts with Christian workplace and professional group leaders, providing the much-needed supportive link with encouragement and advice on how to build and maintain an effective group. The Ambassador Team is led by Elizabeth Ukiomogbe . The areas each ambassador covers are shown below.
Elizabeth U sq Elizabeth Ukiomogbe - Ambassador Team Lead
Elizabeth worked at Ealing Council, London, for 16 years where she started a thriving Christian Workplace Group. The group successfully collaborated with other groups from different streams and engaged positively with senior management. This enabled the group to hold a number of influential Council-wide Christian events. Elizabeth has a strong desire for Missions. Missions has taken her across East Asia, Europe and around Great Britain. She was then called to the Workforce in the UK. She is a leader at Kensington Temple, London City Church, which has a strong call to influence, ‘The Giants of Society’. She was a trustee of Christians at Work and is studying for a Masters in Theology.
Her email address is elizabeth.ukiomogbe@
Femi Idowu sq Femi Idowu - Ambassador for the London Councils Christian Network 
His email address is femi.idowu@
Rick Pearl Wales - Rick Pearl  Rick focusses on the public sector in Wales.
His email address is rick.pearl
John Kay Wales - John Kay 
John focusses on businesses in Wales.
His email address is john.kay@
Alan Holdsworth sq Birmingham - Alan Holdsworth  
His email address is alan.holdsworth@
Dave L sq Thames Valley Area - Lead Ambassador Dave Law  
His email address is davelaw@
Matt Aldridge Reading - Matt Aldridge
His email address is matt.aldridge@
Dave McFarlane sq Maidenhead - Dave MacFarlane
His email address is dave.macfarlane@transformworkuk.org
Adrian Holloway sq Bedford - Adrian Holloway
His email address is adrian.holloway@

Malcolm Shaw sq Gloucester - Lead Ambassador Mal Shaw
His email address is mal.shaw@
Steve Matthews sq Liverpool/Merseyside - Steve Matthews
His email address is steve.matthews@
Andrew Humphreys Woking Area and Public Services - Andrew Humphreys
His email address is andrew.humphreys@
Womans silhouette London Financial Organisations - Jane
She can be reached through office@

Anne Quiggin sq Birmingham - Anne Quiggin
She can be reached at anne@quiggin.co.uk

We are growing this team at present, and are particularly interested in expanding into the north of England, Wales and Scotland. If you would like to talk to us about being involved in our ambassador programme then please contact