Downloadable Resources

This section contains resources that you are free to use to help build up your Christian Workplace Group.
Starting a CWG Frontpage Starting a Christian Workplace Group  A TWUK workbook on how to start a Christian Workplace Group.
Revive and Rejuvenate front co Revive and Rejuvenate  A TWUK pamphlet designed to help groups that are struggling to take stock, re-focus and start afresh
Stress booklet Managing Stress  A TWUK leaflet on handling stress in the workplace
Speak Up front page Speak Up  A guide to what Christians can and can't say under the law in the workplace, produced by the Lawyers Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Alliance
Christianity in the Workplace An Employer's Guide to Christian Beliefs - Christianity in the Workplace  A guide produced by the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and the Evangelical Alliance to provide employers with insight on how Christian beliefs might manifest in the workplace, as well as exploring and analysing the relevant law in the area.