How do I start a Christian Workplace Group? 

Starting a CWG Frontpage
If your workplace doesn’t have a Christian Workplace Group, then starting one couldn’t be easier;
  • choose a time and a place to regularly start meeting either on your own, or preferably with Christian colleagues, and
  • pray for the firm establishment of a Christian Workplace Group. 

In time, once a regular weekly rhythm is established and numbers grow, you will want to consider

  • communications (e.g. email updates, WhatsApp group),
  • purpose of meetings (e.g. prayer, bible study, discussing faith and workplace topics),
  • access to resources (e.g. support of local churches, use of office space for future meetings),
  • outreach (e.g. offering prayer to colleagues, workplace foodbank, Christmas and Easter events) and
  • formally registering with your organisation (e.g. via Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programmes). 

Click here for personal support and one of our trained ambassadors in your allocated area will get back to you. 

In addition we can offer you this FREE downloadable booklet that has all the information you really need to get started. 

If you would like to receive a copy in the post please fill out our contact us form and select 'Help me start a Christian Workplace Group'.