Ideas for Groups: DVD Series and Courses

A really popular DVD- or speaker-based course that is for all, enquiring about the Christian faith; includes refreshments, talk and discussion
Christianity Explored
An alternative to Alpha - another way for enquirers find out about Christianity through DVD and discussion
Fruitfulness on the Frontline
A course to help Christians live out their Christian faith effectively wherever their 'front line' is - wherever they connect with others
Life on the Frontline
A 6-part DVD course designed to help equip and empower people to serve God on the front line of everyday life
Explore the God Question
DVD series which explores whether belief in God is compatible with science, or just an act of faith?
The Prayer Course
A 6-part on-line course on prayer from Prayer 24-7, with discussion notes, to build up people in prayer and their relationship with God
Parenting Course
Run a parenting children course, written by Holy Trinity Brompton. Lots of helpful advice. Suitable for both those with and without faith. 
Transforming Work
LICC's resource which helps Christian in the workplace re-packaged together with TWUK to be suitable for use by workplace groups

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Trevor Payne, 26/08/2015