Ideas for Groups: Prayer

We offer prayer and pastoral support for Christian Workplace Groups.  Click here for prayer support 
youngwomanpraying186416 Praying Together in the Group
The most important thing - praying for a range of topics in a variety of ways as you come together in your group meeting
Prayer Walking
Walking in small groups around areas of the organisation, eg through office corridors or around buildings, praying quietly as you go.
Prayer Request System
Set up a way for anyone in the organisation to ask for prayer and arrange for this to be done confidentially and with care
Prayer Conference Calls
Groups in offices in different sites within the organisation using speakerphones to link together as they pray
Week of Prayer
Devote a whole week to prayer with meetings at different times and locations where people can come together, pray and listen to God
Healing Meetings
Invite someone known gifted in the healing ministry to lead a meeting when anyone who is sick can come and be prayed for
The Prayer Course
A 6-part on-line course on prayer from Prayer 24-7, with discussion notes, to build up people in prayer and their relationship with God
Prayer Gym
We all need to train in prayer and exercise our spiritual muscles. Nothing better than one hour's concerted prayer gym!
  Post a Prayer
A simple and attractive method of gathering prayer requests from around the organisation, that are prayed through at the CWG's weekly meeting
'Thy Kingdom Come'
Some great resources for prayer originally created for use as part of the 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative but which can be used as a prayer focus at any time

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