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Deadline is extended to April 14th! Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the survey and please also send to the members of your groups.
Literally just got all of the sites to pay for hot cross buns for everyone. I’m hoping to draft a message with details of the churches closest to the offices and get that promoted.
Watch Matt Chapman's short testimony about his experience with his Local Authority Christian Workplace Group.
The death and resurrection of Jesus is the big story line of the Bible. It’s no surprise, then, that a majority of Christians celebrate it every year on Easter Sunday.
Joining a new organisation can be a daunting and lonely experience, so it can be helpful for one or two people in the group to specifically look out for the new starter for a month or so.
Easter is on it's way... what a great opportunity to share the heart of Christianity - Jesus' Death, Resurrection and Ascension. Here are some ideas. Do let us know if you are planning something new.
On Monday 16th January 2023, faith representatives from Thames Water, OVO Energy, Rolls-Royce met at the University of Derby Multi-Faith Centre (MFC).
We had such a great time at the Faith Literacy launch day last week. What an opportunity for Christians to engage with their HR departments and run a course to explain the Christian faith for all staff.
The GLA Christian Network based at the London Mayor's office is delighted to invite you to the 2022 hybrid Christmas celebration to be held on 14th December from 12:30-2:00pm.
If you missed our AGM don't worry, here's some catch up videos with all the details.
New support for central government workplace groups from members of our Transform Work Team.
Come and join us for a day of prayer and fasting in person or online on 23rd November as we enter the season of advent.
Have a read of Thy Kingdom Comes annual report, Transform Work is featured on page 16.
Moving on – 3 members of a Local Authority Christian workplace group reflect on what the group meant to them.
Join our next zoom call for those working in Local Authorities across the UK.
Faith networks are often badly supported or missing completely from an organisation's Diversity policy! Here's our response...
You are warmly invited to Christians in Government’s National Conference 2022
If you have a passion to support Christians on the front line of mission -why not join our Ambassador Team. Here's Andrew on why he joined and stayed!
Wouldn't it be amazing to have a formally recognised Christian presence in every NHS Trust across the UK? Find out more you can get involved...
Workplace Alpha testimony
An introduction to Wisdom 4 Work by Pastor Femi Idowu. If you want to act and pray effectively at work, step 1 is knowing what to do by receiving insights from the Word of God. Join Femi on this journey of growing in Wisdom For Work.
What we have seen in Transform Work both with the individual workplace groups and the sector groups has been an incredible God-given resilience
So how has your group gone this year? The highs the lows, why don't you have one last group chat and share. It is a great practice to stop and reflect. Below is a short report one group from the Oxfordshire County Council Christian Network Group:
Our prayer for each and every one of you is that we could continue to be a counter-cultural light in an increasingly gloomy working climate where we hold firmly to the word of life (Phil 2:15-16). The best time to shine is when it’s dark!
Thinking of starting a Christian Workplace eGroup? Here's a short guide to the first steps to take.
Meet Ofonimeh Umoh Abudu, Trustee and Director, who starts of with a few lines of Joy to the Lord and then shares her heart passion for all workplace Christians this Christmas time.
Julian Shellard, Chair of the Board, shares a thought this Christmas time.
Another great Christmas song from the Christian Workplace Group in Thames Water, an inclusive organisation, allowing colleagues to express and share their faith at work for all staff.
The Sefton Council Christian Workplace Group brilliantly engage with the council on the importance of giving at Christmas.
The Whitehall Carol Service is arranged for Government and the civil service by Christians in Government UK, a Civil Service staff diversity network.
A local Authority took up the challenge to create a Christmas video for all staff. More than just a bit of fun!
Getting Quirky Creative at a local authority this Christmas
Here's an example from Thames Water's virtual carols from last Christmas.
Jesus said, YOU are the light of the world... Jonathan's new book, Vision of Lights, will inspire and encourage you as a Christian in your place of work.
The journey of one Christian Workplace Group leader's online alpha course...
Joe Clease is a civil servant, who also volunteers for Christians in Government (CIG) and specialises in diversity policy work. Come find out more from him on our zoom call.
How Christians in the workplace are doing amazing things, while approaching Transform Work for help to take further their activities for God.
Why does Transform Work matter? Well here's six 'distinctives' and how we can choose to respond
by Noel Robinson and Lou Fellingham
Why your workplace needs laughter
When I started at the University it took me a year to find another Christian. We started to meet together with one of her colleagues who was also a Christian....
The second meeting of CWG leaders in Rugby was twice the size of the last one 12 months ago! As testimony after testimony was spoken out – faith rose in the room and ideas were shared.
Transform Work now supports over 500 groups in the UK, but we believe that God is challenging us to a much wider vision, and we have been listening to where He is leading us.
Transform Work UK Impact Survey Results
Transform Work now supports over 500 groups in the UK, but we believe that God is challenging us to a much wider vision, and we have been listening to where He is leading us.
A word in season from Julian Shellard, Chair of Transform Work UK.
Plans for our traditional carol service at the Council have had to be put on hold. Most people are working from home. How can we be good news to our organisation and our colleagues at a time like this during the Christmas season?
The recent coronavirus pandemic has placed much strain on all of our lives, including those people working in the funeral and bereavement sector.
British Airways Christian Fellowship, encourages all members to surrender more to Jesus
Don't give up the habit of meeting together. There are many ways Christians can continue to 'meet' - Christian connection and a Christian presence are two key aspects for Christian Workplace Group survival and impact.
Join as she leads us through a 20 mins meditation for workers across the UK and beyond!
In the last 31 years as a paramedic I've never seen colleagues scared before...
Thanks to our London Heathrow Chaplain, Steve Buckeridge for providing the below suggestions from a Biblical standpoint.
President Richard Waller of Christians in Library and Information Services, shares his resolute thoughts on Easter and the Coronavirus
Southwark Christian Network have shared these with thanks to:
Christian Council Staff Network are reaching out virtually using their intranet page
Why not use these points when you next meet together as a Christian Workplace Group. Lee also suggests to read and meditate on the following Psalm
Our brother Raffaele from Transform Work Italy shares about life with the Coronavirus. Lets keep praying.
Wondering how to pray effectively for yourself, your colleagues and your organisation...
Ros interviews Nick Shepherd, who is the Programme Director for Setting God's People Free for the Church of England.
In this article, you will learn about an opportunity to experience Christian Meditation in your workplace.
Just in case you missed it at Christmas, we are so excited to tell you about Transform Work Italy and our growing connections into Europe and beyond.
This article talks about the impact the book has had on Christian Workplace Groups.
In this podcast, Ros is interviewed by John Greenall about the work of Transform Work UK.
An article by Rupert Bobrowicz who previously worked for HM Passport Office.
Facebook employees given the green light for 12 hours of worship and prayer on the campus in the Silicon Valley. Live links available.
14.49% increase in Membership, 5.04% increase in Twitter followers... A positive time for the Christian Ambulance Association.
Good news update from Steve Matthews, Liverpool Ambassador. Watch videos of council employees sharing about their workplace group activities.
Transform Work UK recently attended the Heaven in Healthcare Conference on October 12th 2019, where they heard testimonies from professionals working in the Healthcare sector.
We are at a significant time in our Nation as the United Kingdom prepares to leave the European Union. Christians in Government believe that Christians can play their part in joining together in prayer across the UK for the UK.
One of our key objectives at Transform Work UK is to connect workplace Christians to share good practice. This is why our regional networking events are so important for us
Elizabeth recently attended the Christians in Government Easter service in Westminster. John Kirkby of CAP brought reflections and told how God has used CAP to help many
Elizabeth recently visited the Alliance of Town and City Chaplaincies where she heard first hand of the work of Chaplaincies in workplaces across the country
Elizabeth's report from TWUK's attendance at Kingdom Connections' 4th annual conference, which drew together Christians from many different backgrounds
A fine example of all faiths coming together to the benefit of the company occurred at Rolls Royce in Derby, where staff gather to remember the recent atrocities in Sri Lanka
The Sefton Council Christian Workplace Group put on a varied Easter display for staff at the Council - as suggested by their Personnel Manager!
The Christian Ambulance Association will be taking up an opportunity to exhibit at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC Birmingham in September. This will be a great opportunity for them
Ros tells some of the stories of what God is doing in workplaces that came up during a recent workshop in Crosby, Liverpool
TWUK's Femi Idowu explained the benefits a CWG can offer an employer when he visited the CWG at Hackney Council recently
The TWUK AGM and Celebration in London on 26th February was an uplifting event attended by over 50 people in which we celebrated the goodness of the Lord in the work of TWUK last year
Learning at Work Week (13th-19th May) is an excellent opportunity for a CWG to explain the Christian Faith within a company. The CWG at Thames Water are looking forward to getting involved again this year
The amazing story of how an office prayer network grew rapidly and saw astounding answers to prayer
Steve Matthews, Liverpool ambassador, shares some experiences of his group leadership's bi-annual meeting with their personnel manager, and how they received encouragement and new ideas for what they could do
The Bedford Council CWG recently arranged an event to celebrate Sukkot - the Jewish feast of Tabernacles or Shelters. It was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the Jewish roots of the Christian faith with in the council
Liverpool Ambassador Steve Matthews relates the story of how an attendee at a recent Transform Work UK workshop was encouraged to take steps to contact other Christians at her workplace, and the wonderful response she received
Our ambassador in the Bedford area - Adrian Holloway - describes the Transform Work UK workshop/networking event held in the area, and includes some tips relevant to all newly started Christian Workplace Groups
Thames Water's Learning at Work Week gave the Christian group there a chance to explain on how Christianity embraced networking - the Business's topic for the week
A report on the Christianity Awareness Week held in Ealing Council just before Easter
We welcome Mal Shaw who has recently joined us as an ambassador in the Gloucester area
The Christian Staff Network joined with the Black Professionals Network of Barclays in Canary Wharf to arrange an event: 'Easter - The Passion'. Key leaders spoke of their faith
A booklet prepared by the Church of England with some great ideas for how church leaders can equip and encourage their members who are in the workplace
A report on the highly successful Barclays Christian Workplace Group conference 'The City Lights are On' held in Canary Wharf in November 2017
Tim Davis of accountancy firm Ernst and Young talks about the value of the Christian Workplace Group to him personally
The Christian Workplace Group at Sefton Council have taken steps to become recognised as a staff network, and are seeing the rewards, as they show God's love to the workers in the Council
Ros and Adrian visited the new group at E.ON Bedford recently, and saw they were 'ready to launch'
Results of a survey conducted in August 2017 asking how TWUK has helped CWG leaders the most, and what are felt to be the greatest needs of Christians at the workplace
A new group was set up over Easter 2017 - the Christian Ambulance Network. CAN is for all in the ambulance service. Find out more here about the aims and vision of the group and how to get in touch
Ros went along to the Department for Education Christian Network and found the group to have grown considerably, and loved the way they work together as a group
After working with TWUK for a number of years, Jeff Steady has stepped down as Chair of TWUK to enjoy a well-earned retirement, and Trevor Payne has taken over as Chair
The Christians Workplace Group in Royal Bank of Scotland organised an interfaith panel discussion. It turned out to be a thought-provoking look at the factors shaping both individuals' morals and the company values
The CWG at the Competition and Markets Authority, in central London, arranged a visit to the nearby British Museum recently. They were inspired by seeing the artefacts from biblical times on display at the museum
Mal and Marion (from Phoenix Assurance and Superdry CWGs) attended TWUK's annual conference in 2016 and were inspired to hold a networking event in Gloucestershire to encourage local Christians to start CWGs
Thames Water recognise the benefits of providing facilities for Christians and followers of other religions who work for the company, and are providing 'faith rooms' at various locations in the workplace
Karis at Action for Children helpfully takes us through the steps she followed in setting up a Christian Workplace Group there
Sefton Council CWG looks outwards and holds an Alpha course together with nearby groups and provides Easter eggs for council employees
Lee, of the Christians in the Royal Bank of Scotland Christian Workplace Group, talks to Ros about his story of coming to know Jesus, what the Christian Workplace Group means to him, and of the group's plans for Easter.
It’s good to hear of Christian Workplace Groups that are flourishing and making a real impact in the workplace, like the group at Bromley Council... find out more.
Feedback from the carol service at Accenture reminds us of how valuable such events are in the workplace, and how much they are appreciated
Some personnel changes in TWUK - Michael Coveney leaves, Femi Idowu and Joe Walsh join as lead ambassadors
A senior manager's view of the benefits of having a Christian group within her council, and her support for the carol service the group organised
The PM's endorsement of the recent report 'Speak Up', discussing Christians' freedom to talk about the gospel in the workplace, is an encouragement to us all!
News of a highly successful TWUK networking event in Derby.
How the Wiltshire Council Christian Workplace Group altered their meeting format in response to changes in working patterns which were affecting attendance at their group and saw numbers multiply by five!
Could you use a Diversity and Inclusion notice board in your workplace to advertise the presence of your Christian Workplace Group? Find out more...
Christian Workplace Group member Robert wears a clerical collar while working as a procurement officer at Chelmsford City Council. We speak to him to find out why, and what impact it has had in his secular workplace.
Things a CWG can do that make it really relevant to the organisation
Work in the marketing, advertising or communications fields? Now there's a new sector group for you to get involved with.
Sometimes CWG leaders can feel isolated, it may feel like there is no-one to turn to, to encourage and support you in developing a growing CWG. But what about other CWG leaders in your area?
A recent CIG UK workshop explored how Christian Workplace Groups can be salt and light in their workplaces
Transform Work UK's latest publication, covering all aspects of starting a Christian Workplace Group - from finding other Christians at your place of work, to being celebrated by the organisation as a real benefit
Building a Christian Workplace Group: Should People from Other Faiths be Part of your Christian Workplace Group?
Rapid growth has followed the re-launch of the CWG in Southwark Council in London
Are you waiting for God to tell you where He wants you to serve Him? Could it be that God is calling you to serve Him right where you are?
News of the first meetings and amazing growth in the new Christian Workplace Group at the Office of the Public Guardian in the Birmingham
Christians at the North Bristol NHS Trust have been getting to know one another, and marking Easter in a special way
Christians in Pharmacy met in London to discuss ways in which people in the profession can be effective witnesses for God where they work
Another successful carol service in the Harrow council chamber drew over 100 people
A CWG network were denied permission to run a lunchtime Alpha. Do you have experiences with gaining permission for events which could help others?
We recently made contact with the Christian group at Gentoo, a social enterprise in Sunderland; read about how the group started and how the group is supporting its members and expressing Christian faith in the workplace.
A meeting in the heart of London which could be the start of 'Christians in the Oil Industry London'...
A CWG supports the community. The Charity Harvest Tin Appeal at the HMRC office in Reading.
PwC Christians had a stand at the PwC People Fair, and ran a poll on whether people thought God was relevant to work....
Ros meets Simon Hewitt who is setting up Firefighters for Christ in England. Get in touch if you're a Christian working in the fire service.
The first ever PwC Christians praise and worship night held in the Charing Cross offices!
The story of how TWUK have been able to help a group to start in a public sector organisation in the West Midlands
Three Christians praying together on an oil rig in the North Sea
The 3 groups at Ealing Council are seeing great things happening in the council through the power of prayer.
The work of encouraging one another and showing others the grace of Christ stretches beyond borders... this time to Northern Ireland.
Members of a borough council recently had the opportunity to meet and pray with their new mayor
Let's follow Haringey Council Christian Workplace Groups example in heading to the 'Prayer Gym' to tone up our spiritual muscles regularly!
The Barclays Christian Forum recently hosted the ‘Wisdom at the Roundtable’ speed networking event, a first of its kind
How the News UK Christian Fellowship embraces both supporting its members and being an active presence for God in a large organisation
A Christian Workplace Group is about to be launched at CBRE! Feedback from the group shows that HR departments are prepared to approve well prepared cases for establishing a Christian Workplace Group - find out more...
Ros visits Ipswich and hears a founder member of Christian Central challenge others about living for God at the workplace
PwC Christians are challenged to put God at the heart of their ambitions and their work
Keith's testimony is one of sheer passion to 'seek and to save' the lost on our Roads. It certainly is a must read!
Glory Road carries out the Great Commission in their own special way by reaching out to professional drivers in and around the UK...
Ros is now working with LICC's Work Forum 2 days a week. News of their new course: 'Transforming Work'
What Christians in Entertainment does, and how they help those in the industry - and their great new website!
A profile of the new chair of Christians in Communications, Alisdair Rusk. Read how God prepared him over the years for this great task...
Wessex Water Christian Workplace Group, supported by their local church, ran a parenting children course for all employees in the company
A Christian Workplace Group offers an example of supporting a local charity through the proceeds of an Easter service
News of a really successful Alpha course put on by the Havering Borough Council Christian Workplace Group, and the follow-up
Adrian Miles speaks at the Gloucestershire Branch of the Christian Police Association
It's great to hear that God is on the move in Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow! Regular meetings among many staff and people being impacted in real ways
The CWG in Chelmsford City Council work with Prayer 24/7 in holding a day of prayer for the town of Chelmsford
A report on the Barclays Christian Forum Easter event
Meet the GlaxoSmithKline Christian Community - a network with groups at 4 major sites in the UK, at Brentford, Stockley Park, Stevenage and Ware, and at locations overseas
Meet Pablo from CMF who tells us about their national conference for medics - not to be missed.
The vision of the EY Christian Network is to build a better working world by living out our faith in the workplace
The Wandsworth Council Christian Workplace Group is experiencing real growth! From 5 to 17 attending meetings in just over a year! John Slaughter, the leader of the Christian Workplace Group, talks to Ros.
Michael Ramsden spoke at EY on 'Why Integrity Matters' contributing towards discussion of the EY Purpose
An account from Susan, coordinator of the 'Christians in Discussion' group at Harrow Borough Council, of how the group put on an event this Christmas, showing so clearly the impact that a small group, assisted by others, can have if they step out for God
The leader of a group of Christians in government offices in Leeds tells of putting on an event in the workplace for the first time last Christmas
A helpful guide covering things to consider when developing a case for formal recognition of a Christian Workplace Group as an employee staff network
A group leader in the Home Office Christian Network looks back at the year 2014, the highlight of which was starting a choir!
Starting a choir can be an excellent way to have fun and meet new people, and introduce the Christian faith in a gentle way
BT Christian Network 
Home Office Christian Network 
‘Water of life’ Christian Group  
Christians in the Audit Commission  
PwC Christian Network 
E.ON Christian Network 
How God can prompt us to action, and then make further connections which can have remarkable consequences.
Magnus Smyly's account of a service held at Westminster Abbey to celebrate the work of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
Read how a small Christian Workplace Group within local government has been obedient to God, prayed for openings, been bold in approaching management, has seen growth and is planning another carol service this year.
The story of Jon Tuckwell, who runs Parks at One, a monthly series of lunchtime talks for those working in the Cambridge Science Park
Jon Tuckwell, of Parks at One, which draws together Christians working on the science park at Cambridge, invites all who work there to join them
Meet the groups - Christians in Communications
This article describes 'The Big Conversation' - a 3-day on-line event organised in early 2014 by BT Group to raise awareness of the BT's Employee Networks across the organisation.
Even a 'goodbye' e-mail can give an opportunity for witness, as this CWG leader told us.
Dr Adrian Miles Speaks on A Christian Approach to Workplace Stress at PwC in London
Phil Parker, vice-chairman of Christians in Motorsport, tells us of the aims and activities of the organisation
Daisy, from the Christian Workplace Group in Camden Borough Council, tells of how some members of the group held an event in a local pub after work for those enquiring about the Christian faith
While many CWG are thriving and having a real influence on their workplaces, at times, groups struggle, with membership falling and activity in the workplace decreasing. TWUK's Dr Adrian Miles introduces a booklet designed to help CWG leaders.
Des, from Anglian Water in Peterborough, describes how he found his CWG, and talks about the support the Christian Workplace Group has been to him as a Christian in the workplace.
Trevor visits the fellowship at Brent Council and finds a large group, enthusiastic for all God has to offer, fervent in prayer and hungry for the group to expand even further and bring blessing to the council!
The re-launch of the Librarians' Christian Fellowship as Christians in Library and Information Services was marked at the 'Moving Forward' conference on 5th April 2014
The testimony of of a lady called Sandra, who recently came to faith through a Christian group in her workplace, Tower Hamlets Borough Council
An Easter display stand at Tower Hamlets Town Hall, Mulberry Place
Hannah, who leads a Christian group in a large company in London, tells us on video about Easter events that have been held in the company
Details of an Ealing Staff Fellowship Christianity Awareness Week
Christians in Library and Information Services - the new name for the Librarians Christian Fellowship
Doreen Kersey describes how the Tower Hamlets Borough Council Christian Prayer group started
The formation, growth and impact of the Cambridge Christian Professionals Network
Work related stress continues to be a significant cause of illness and disease and is known to be linked with high levels of sickness absence, staff turnover and other indicators of organisational underperformance, including human error, within the UK.
The growing Ecclesiastical Insurance (UK) Christian Fellowship within Ecclesiastical Insurance (UK)
The story of the development and growth of the BT Christian Network
Information about the Wiltshire Council Christian Workplace Group.
Christians in Government UK is a group that links the Christian workplace groups in national government departments. We seek to encourage those networks, facilitate activities and, where appropriate, to represent a Christian view within government
“The Christmas Hamper idea came from my involvement with Besom
Kay answered, "How do you know that I lead the Christian group?" and the colleague replied, "Because the lady sitting next to me receives your ‘Prayer E News’ and she often tells me what is written so I know who you are."
Chris works for an international software company. We recently heard about the Christian group which has been established in this organisation. Chris Taplin who was a founder member of the group writes:
Latest News from Robert Stone the CWG leader.
Graham Hedges looks at the way in which leading Christian professional groups understand their role in relation to current issues and controversies
It was wonderful to meet up with Ian and the Anglian Water CWG in Peterborough again after 5 years, and what a great place to meet in...
In May 2010 we established a small group (4-15 members) of Christians from the University of Ulster Coleraine campus.
CCCF are a group of colleagues that are radically reaching out in the workplace - to shine the light of Christ to each other and those who do not know God - yet!
The following is an extract from our EFB award application from 2010, which I think gives a very clear picture of how the company perceives our workplace group:
In the Armed Forces’ Christian Union, God has laid it on our hearts to pray for the extension of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through the Armed Forces of the UK and internationally.