The TWUK Blog

In this section we feature a range of blogs on issues facing Christians at work, and on the work of TWUK.

There are a variety of contributors - Jeff Steady and Michael Coveney (former TWUK Board members), Gill Robins (educationalist), Elizabeth Ukiomogbe (TWUK ambassador) and others.
'Where there is vision, there is provision'. Jesus' vision was clear. Have we looked at our personal vision recently?
The Christian HR manager look sat how a group can consider its stakeholders as it plans its development
Elizabeth looks at what the Bible and nature tell us about diversity and equality, and how this is relevant for the workplace.
Part 2 of the series looks at tools which may help in determining a strategy for the group
A look at developing a strategy for your Christian Workplace Group which considers how the group can be a positive influence within the organisation. Part 1 of a series of 4
What is God's dream for your life, your family, your community and your workplace? Is your faith alive and active? Elizabeth explores how dreams combined with faith lead to action
Have you ever thought of work as worship? God created us to steward His creation and gave us work of all sorts to do. How we work follows from our faith. Can we offer our work as worship to God?
'Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world'. The workplace is such a vital part of our nation's life. Explore why and how TWUK seeks to bring benefits to the workplace
Christians Workplace Groups offer considerable business benefits to an organisation - a view from a Christian HR manager
Elizabeth Ukiomogbe talks from her own experience of the value of support she received from other Christians at work
TWUK ambassador John Kay identifies 5 ways in which living out your faith at work helps you and your organisation be more successful
Facing a desperate situation? Elizabeth encourages us to seek the Lord, as did Moses, to listen and do what He says to do, and then wait on Him
TWUK Lead Ambassador Elizabeth Ukiomogbe reflects on our purpose in the workplace. We may wonder sometimes what the purpose of our work life is, but God has given us talents which He wants us to use to glorify Him
Ros encourages us from Mark 16:7 to be confident in the workplace as a Christian because He has gone before us!
Has your CWG got anything planned for Easter? Easter is a great opportunity to celebrate Jesus' resurrection in your workplace. Point to Him and also promote your group. Here are some ideas.
TWUK has seen tremendous growth in the last year in the number of groups we are in touch with that are active at the workplace. Take a long look at what's going on, and be amazed at the possibilities! Could you catch the fire and catch the vision?