Christians in Pharmacy is a Support and Networking Group for Christians in the Pharmaceutical Professions 


The Aims of Christians in Pharmacy

To encourage and support Christians working and training in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences, through building networks and local and national fellowships and linking with other Christian healthcare and scientific colleagues.

To unite members in providing a Christian voice in pharmacy.

To equip members to live out their faith in their professional lives, through provision of resources and support.

Please support the Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill

As you will remember, last year we spent a lot of time and prayer responding to a distinct threat to the right of pharmacy professionals to practice in line with their consciences. Many thanks for that support.  As we said at the time it is not only pharmacy professionals that face challenges to their professional practice. In recognition of that fact Baroness O'Loan has drafted the Conscientious Objection (Medical Activities) Bill, which is currently progressing through the House of Lords, to ensure conscience rights for all medical professionals. You can get more information about the bill here. It has just passed its second reading and will enshrine some important protections for all medical professionals into UK law.

For a short article about why this is important please read this.  

Please support this bill. You can do that by writing to your MP (the freeconscience web site has a suggested letter that you can send), by signing a petition (e.g.  http://www.citizengo.org/en-gb/150568-ensure-conscientious-objection-rights-medical-professional) and most importantly by praying.

London Conference Report

Click here to see the report on our London conference, held on 14th October 2017, released in our November newsletter.


We regularly pray for Christians working and training in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences, and for the work of Christians in Pharmacy. Monthly prayer points can be found here.