Faith Friendly Workplaces

"It was noticed that within company Diversity & Inclusion frameworks, faith networks were often badly supported or missing completely."

This is an initiative that was launched in May last year by the Thames Water multifaith group and is being led by their deputy multi faith lead, Dave Law, who is also the Transform Work Ambassador for the Thames Valley area.

It was noticed that within company Diversity & Inclusion frameworks, faith networks were often badly supported or missing completely. Whilst few groups reported direct discrimination, there was a sense that HR managers felt faith was something that was too complicated and that groups had difficulty defining objectives.

Around 20 companies have connected in and are represented by D&I leads, multi faith leads and Christian Workplace Group leaders and this includes some of our best established groups.

We have done quite a lot of work on creating materials to enable objections to be overcome and now the group is looking at ways to share what they have done and to partner with another organisation to be able to incentivise and reward good practice.

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