Bromley Council Christian Fellowship 

Bromely Council Femi Visit 201
The Bromley Council Christian Fellowship has existed for several decades. In fact we have a regular member who is still attending 40 years after retirement! The Fellowship has obviously gone through various phases of its life but currently it is a vibrant group of people who are committed to use their Christian values in improving the work place and the service we provide to Bromley residents.

The Fellowship currently has 100 people on the email group and an average weekly attendance of about 20. The group is quite diverse with members from several different council departments, front line staff and up to senior managers, both male and female with people from different church denominations as well as representation from different cultural and ethnic groups. The Fellowship is known and well supported by the Council. We also have a smaller fellowship in one of the Council satellite offices and this group is also doing well.

The Bromley Christian Fellowship had the honour of hosting Pastor Femi Idowu from TWUK recently. The session was described by many who attended as a fantastic experience of the powerful presence of God by His Holy Spirit. There was an awesome time of worship, the teaching and exaltation was great and we concluded with a period of prayer ministry during which many had opportunities for 1:1 prayer with Pastor Femi. 

Pastor Femi’s message to us on the day was based on the 3 principles of grace, mercy and peace. He described grace as not about a licence to do whatever we want but as the enabling power of the Holy Spirit giving ‘ability, efficiency and power’ to obey God and do His will. We learnt that it is the mercy of God that will see us through no matter what we choose to do in life. We were also reminded that peace is not an absence of challenges or difficulties in life; the peace of God is the understanding that Jesus is with us in whatever we are going through. Every obstacle we face is designed to be a pathway to greater things in our lives.

Pastor Femi also shared his previous experience of leading the Brent Christian Fellowship which grew from a group of 4 people to over 200. He encouraged us about our purpose in Bromley Council to be salt and  light and how we can share the gospel through the way we work. He reminded us about the importance of reading and meditating on the word of God and carefully doing everything in it in order to be prosperous and successful.

The Bromley Christian Fellowship is very grateful for the support we receive from Transform Work UK and from Pastor Femi Idowu who has been a great blessing to us. We are looking forward to a great summer and we are praying  for an exciting new outreach event in the council.