Christian Workplace Groups Without Walls - Virtual Meetings 

“By the way - I just want to release you from the potential burden of thinking you've got to meet face to face to function as a workplace group. Being connected is key and the second is having a Christian presence.” Ros Turner

There are ways a group can function without having to meet face to face – this is good news indeed!

In this modern age of work, there are many valid reasons why different people cannot meet together at a given location at a given time – work schedules, off-site working, offices in different locations, staggered or short breaks, workload, homeworking, part-time working, global office, etc.

Technology thankfully has provided the solution for people to meet together without being in the same location. We’ll call these ‘virtual meetings’.

A virtual meeting is when people regardless of their location locally or globally use video, audio, or electronic message to connect. Virtual meetings allow people to share information and data in real-time without being physically present together.

Virtual meetings offer several advantages over face-to-face ones. They do not require the use of meeting rooms, saving the impact on the resources of the organisation. They are also much more convenient for members who are in a far away location enabling them to communicate with the rest of the group without having to travel. 

There are different platforms for virtual meetings, mainly video, tele-conferencing or texting. The list keeps getting longer as the industry expands to accommodate the need for the service. More and more organisations are down-sizing their real estate and using technology as platforms for workforce communication, connectivity and integration.

The Christian Workplace Group should use all available and accessible technology to connect members of the group.

Examples of the technologies which could be used by most organisations include:

  • Email connections
  • Conference calls
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Intranet Page
  • Skype

Some of these may require management approval or may require adherence to organisational policies (eg use of email, intranet)

Let’s look at how some can be used by the Christian Workplace Group:

1.   Email
  • Share a devotional thought or scripture.
  • Write a prayer need and invite people by email to pray right there at their desks. 
2.   Conference Call
  • This can take as little as 30 minutes. No extra planning required.
  • Ask the questions:
    • A.  What are you celebrating? What is going well in your work / department / organisation. 
    • B.  What are your challenges?What are the main issues you / your department / organisation is facing in work at the moment.
    • C.  Pray. The discussions from A. and B. are your praise and prayer points. 

3.   WhatsApp Group:

  • Week 1. Build relationally. Each month ask a different member of the group to briefly share their faith story.
    • Share a picture of them in their work environment, if possible.
    • A quick testimony of how you became a Christian, either written or spoken.
  • Week 2. Praying for your colleagues. Once a month share a message on the WhastApp group, such as
    • This month we're praying for X
    • Include 3 bullet points for prayer
    • Leave a short written or spoken prayer that each member can pray with you.
  • Week 3. Praying for your organisation Once a month highlight a topic or issue for prayer regarding your workplace.
  • Week 4. Giving thanks Focus on what you're celebrating as an organisation.

 4.   Intranet Page

  • Who’s who
    • Share interviews / testimonies (written or video) of key members
  • Prayer for all
    • Share an email that goes to specific CWG members who have committed to pray for the requests coming in.
  • Praying for your organisation 
    • Share prayer topic of the week / month
  • Giving thanks
    • Share testimonies from staff of how Jesus has answered prayer.
  • Events
    • Feeling stressed?  30 minutes lunchtime meditation for all staff in the Prayer Room…

As an example, the BT Christian Network runs events via conference call where speakers give talks to around 900 members of the Christian group worldwide, simultaneously. They also ran a 2 day open event for all BT staff via their website, where people saw information about Jesus and were able to ask questions, raise queries and place comments.(All virtual).
The possibilities are endless. It just requires creativity and pro-activity.

The leadership team can hold the group together by keeping in touch regularly with inspirational thoughts and scriptures. And can encourage engagement from members of the group as they share their own thoughts, testimonies, prayer needs and praise reports.

TWUK looks forward to hearing the different creative ways Christian groups are using to meet together despite the different locations or time zones they may be working from. Please keep us informed or let us know if we can help you in setting up any of these platforms.

Elizabeth Ukiomogbe