Christians in Pharmacy Newsletter - 12th April 2019

Dear Friends, in our latest newsletter we report back on our meeting in London (9 March 2019) and other developments

London Meeting:
The latest CiP meeting took place in London on 9 March. The theme of the day was “Why Jesus? Any religion will do…..or will it?” The topic was led by Dr Chik Kaw Tan, one of the CiP leadership team. Chik Kaw has a broad knowledge of Christian apologetics and has spoken widely on this specific topic. The talk covered:
  1. The existence of God
  2. The nature of God
  3. The way of salvation
  4. The uniqueness of Christ
The presentation and Chik Kaw’s personal testimony are available on the Christians in Pharmacy website under “'Christian Apologetics and Philosophy'”:
Following the presentation, the group discussed the implications of Christ’s uniqueness for Christians, both in our personal and professional lives. David Clapham talked about sharing faith in the work place and that the uniqueness of Christ is not something we need to hide provided that we share this with gentleness and respect. After the discussion, Esther Afetorgbor and Steve Bamford spoke about how they practically share their Christian faith in the workplace with people of different faiths or those having no faith.

Following lunch, the meeting concluded with prayer regarding needs we all have, as well as for the organisation etc.

What next:
  • The leadership team met together before the start of the main meeting and discussed ideas to engage more people in Christians in Pharmacy events. One idea is to hold “virtual meetings”/webinars so that people who live further away from London can connect with the organisation. Please let us know what you think about this idea and also any other suggestions you have.
  • Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 5 October 2019 in London. The day will focus on the topic of transgenderism and its impact on healthcare professionals. We will have presentations by an external speaker, Dr Melody Redman (Christian Medical Fellowship). Please save the date and plan to come along if you can.
  • Continue to pray for CiP as an organisation, its members and national events which affect our working lives, e.g. Brexit, GPhC revalidation, NHS funding, ongoing closures of community pharmacies. Here are some specific prayer points to use:
1) Pray for Christians working in the pharmaceutical Industry to be salt and light in a very uncertain workplace with much uncertainty about the future especially about plans in the light of Brexit. Please also pray for sufficient prioritisation of research into treatments for diseases of the developing nations.
2) Hospital pharmacy units who are feeling the pressure of resource constraints.
3) Community pharmacists who are experiencing uncertainty about the future, increased pressure of work and in many cases a sense of isolation. This is all compounded by supply difficulties of certain medicines.
4) Those involved in medicine regulation. The future is uncertain and there are issues being caused by the shift of the EMA to Amsterdam which are compounded by personal pressures of long commutes, uncertainty about future employment and difficulties in maintaining a good work life balance.
5) The increasing secularisation of the work place.
  • Please consider making a financial donation towards the running costs of the organisation and subsidising students so that they can attend future meetings, You can do this on our website:


Trevor Payne, 12/04/2019