ShareTheMiracle Stations 

Eggs from ShareTheMiracle StatWant to transform your work community this Easter? 

A ShareTheMiracle Station is a simple and effective way to gather together your work colleagues and reach out to those less fortunate in your local community. There are 3 steps:
1)   Invite your group, team or company to donate chocolate eggs in the run up to Easter
2)   Invite colleagues to join you as you give them to those less fortunate in your local community
3)   Tell ShareTheMiracle what happened on their social channels to encourage and inspire others. 
RBI, a large global publisher, collected over 550 eggs last year, and, on hearing what they were doing, 3 of their other offices got involved too! Their CSR team was keen to be involved and different teams from the company went out engaging a number of local people and causes. Different colleagues came together, spoke to people they may not have ordinarily and their community was transformed as a result. 
For more information and to register your ShareTheMiracle Station click here.