The Office Prayer Network That Grew From 2 to 30

startup-593343640Welcome to my office, in the town hall of a town in the south of England where I work as a Social Worker. The office itself is nothing special, but I’m sure like any place of work it’s the people inside that make it worth coming in in the morning.

When I started three years ago I was in a team of 5, where amazingly the manager and one of my colleagues were also Christians. Throughout the first year the three of us would often say, “oh, we should really get together and pray in the office” - but like many of the best intentions, it never happened.

Eventually, after 18 months of being there, and a couple of reminders from other Christian colleagues that we’d met, we launched a small weekly prayer meeting. We didn’t really know if anyone would come, given how “busy” everyone’s working lives are, but gradually by word of mouth we grew and grew.

I can’t say we did anything special to support the growth. We sent out one weekly email, had a Whatsapp group, (very loosely) planned a Bible passage or short series that we would look at - and above all, prayed. Each week it would seem a new member would pop along, sharing that they knew of a couple of other Christians in the office that we didn’t know - sure enough the following week they’d come along too.

By the grace of God, 18 months after we started we became a formally recognised ‘employee support group’ in the council and had a network of some 30 Christians praying for their various departments in the Town Hall - although with anything between 2-3 and 10-11 coming to the weekly lunch.

With prayer becoming a more central part of our work, we’ve seen some incredible answers over the past 18 months; non-Christian colleagues coming to the group and coming to church, a number of healings, including one colleague whose brother was dying in a South African hospital and went on to a full recovery and even Christian and non-Christian managers asking us to pray for specific work issues and strategic decisions.

Who knows what we’ll go on to do together, but what I’ve learnt so far is very simple: Matthew 18:20 says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

What an amazing truth - when just two or three people get together and pray in the name of Jesus, there He is also! So for us, when we gather to pray, we have Jesus present in our office - and we’ve certainly seen the impact.

What about you? Does work often seem like a toilsome grind? There is good news! If there are just two of you who are willing to meet and pray, even for just 5 minutes - Jesus will be there with you! Imagine the impact on your work, your office and indeed your whole organisation with Jesus there too!

Don’t think it’ll make that much difference? Try it and prove me wrong!