Does Your CWG Need Financial Support for its Christmas Event? 

Transform Work UK operates a Tithe Fund, whereby 10% of the income we receive is given away to causes outside the charity. 

This money is currently available to be spent on one-off CWG activities and events, but not for regular CWG commitments.

This Christmas, we are making part of our Tithe Fund available to groups to help with the cost of Christmas activities. 

We envisage grants of various sizes; around £1000 is available in total.

If you would like to bid for funds to help towards the cost of your Christmas function, please fill in the form below by 10th December.  We will let you know whether your application has been successful soon as possible after that. We may pay part of the sum you have requested.

If you are successful we will need you to submit a brief report on the event, with pictures, suitable for the website.

Remember, ideas for what groups can do at Christmas can be found in the resources section our website here.

Bid for Funding from TWUK towards CWG Christmas Event
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Please describe the event you are planning
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