Prayer Points for Q2/3 2018

Dear praying friends. As we near the half way point of the year the CiP leadership team would like to encourage you to join us in prayer as we thank the Lord for his guidance so far this year and seek his aid as we all continue to live for him in the pharmaceutical world

If you have any thoughts/suggestions/words of encouragement for the leadership team or anything that you would like us to support you with in prayer please get in touch.

Please give thanks for

  • The great support we get from TWUK
  • The opportunity to meet together in London from time to time
  • The impact that CiP is able to have
  • The wherewithal to keep the organisation funded.  Although at times finances were stretched as was our faith we were never unable to pay our bills.  If you would like to ensure that this remains the case please make a donation via our web site. 
Please pray 
  • for the CiP leadership team that we will know the Lord’s guidance as we seek to grow the organisation both in terms of numbers and in terms of relationships
  • for a good attendance at the London conference and that those who attend will be encouraged and blessed both on the day and as they serve in their own workplaces. The conference that was run in March on the hot topic of ‘Mental Health’ was such a blessing to those who came that we have decided to update it a little and offer a second opportunity for folk to benefit on 20thOctober at the Christian Concern premises 70 Wimpole Street.  Please pray that the right people will attend and that those who do so will benefit.  Why not put the date in your diary now and plan to attend yourself?
  • for members under pressure.  In particular
    1. those who are experiencing staff shortages, difficulty in recruitment and hence increased personal workloads especially in the hospital and mental health sectors
    2. those who are finding it difficult to ‘switch off’ due to a constant high level of demand
    3. those experiencing uncertainty due to the potential effects of Brexit especially
      1. for the MHRA who will lose much of their European work during the transition phase, and probably beyond. Pray for staff, especially those from EU states, who may feel unsettled at this time. Also, please pray for Christians at the MHRA to be a positive witness..
      2. Pharma Industry who need wisdom for where to base research and production post Brexit.
  • for students who will soon be facing the start of a pre-registration placement or the registration exam.  That they will find peace in the midst of stress.
  • for outreach into the student world by CiP leaders, that Christian students studying pharmacy and related subjects will join with the organisation and find support inn their studies and their careers
Finally, in order to enhance the sense of community among our membership members of the leadership team will be reaching out to individuals on our mailing list who live in their approximate geographical area.  Please pray that these contacts will be well received and will help the organisation to grow in community, cohesion, faith for what can do in our sphere of influence, numbers and impact


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Lorenzo (Guest) 24/07/2018 16:58
Prayer points is great for me, and it's just nice I get to read all of this information here. My work at the site will be a lot better now, and that makes me one of the happiest person alive.