Building a Strategy for your Christian Workplace Group by the Christian HR Manager – part 3

HR Manager diagramThere are many business tools that you can utilize when defining a strategy for your workplace group. As with any strategy or project it is crucial to understand the key stakeholder groups you are working with and how they currently feel about any given situation. Through carefully assessing stakeholder groups you can develop a communications strategy and assess what you need to do to achieve their buy in.

This is crucial for a Christian Workplace group who will have a variety of dispersed stakeholders, many of whom will be crucial to achieve formal company recognition of the group.

The Stakeholder matrix is a common business model used to assess how to manage different stakeholder groups based on their interest and power levels. This helps you to manage the different groups in a more effective way. The model shown is in this article and  gives examples of where you may put certain stakeholder groups. Non-members are difficult to place, however, as whilst they may have low interest and low power they may actually be your core target audience to join the group.

Link to the TWUK blogs and the other articles in this series

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