Prayer Points for Q1 2018

As we begin 2018 it is a great opportunity to give thanks for what the Lord did for the organisation in 2017 and to bring our ‘requests before him with thanksgiving’ [Phil 4 v6] for 2018

Please join us in thanking the Lord for many blessings in 2017 in particular for

  • Two very interesting, informative and helpful London meetings on the subjects of ‘Conscience’ and ‘Servant hearted leadership’.  The talks were good, case studies thought provoking and fellowship encouraging.  The LT was heartened by the number of CiP members who attended across the two days
  • The positive impact that our prayers, submissions to the GPhC and engagement with supportive Christian bodies had in shaping the guidance around the professional standard on Religion, Values and Personal Beliefs.  Thank God that freedom of conscience has been preserved.
  • The wherewithal to keep the organisation funded.  Although at times finances were stretched as was our faith we were never unable to pay our bills.  If you would like to ensure that this remains the case please make a donation via our web site.
Please pray
  1. for the CiP leadership team that we will know the Lord’s guidance as we seek to grow the organisation both in terms of numbers and in terms of relationships
  2. for a good attendance at the London conference and that those who attend will be encouraged and blessed both on the day and as they serve in their own workplaces. Specifically please pray for our next conference which will be on the hot topic of ‘Mental Health’ at the Christian Concern premises in Wimpole Street on the 10th March.
  3. for members under pressure.  In particular
    1. those who are experiencing staff shortages, difficulty in recruitment and hence increased personal workloads especially in the hospital and mental health sectors
    2. those who are finding it difficult to ‘switch off’ due to a constant high level of demand
    3. those experiencing uncertainty due to the potential effects of Brexit  especially
      1. the MHRA (30% of their work is currently directly undertaken for Europe)/EMA in the light of the announcement of the move of the EMA to Amsterdam.
      2. Pharma Industry who need wisdom for where to base research and production post Brexit.
  4. for students who study pharmacy or related courses.  The work load is high on such courses and study pressures can be demanding. That they will meet with Christians in their universities and grow in their faith and their chosen profession