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Dear Friends,

In our latest newsletter we report back on our meeting in London (14 October).

London Meeting

The latest face to face meeting of CiP took place at Christian Concern in London on the 14 October.  The meeting was attended by an encouraging number of people representing a range of aspects of the pharmaceutical world.
CIP event 14 Oct

The morning session was dedicated to an examination of the topic of ‘Servant-hearted Leadership’. 
To start our thinking Michael Coveney lead us through some biblical principles around what makes a leader. Michael’s full notes are available on the website. Some highlights from his talk were that based on Philippians 2:5-11 and Matthew 28 all believers are called to be disciples which is the basis for servant-hearted leadership. Our work is our mission field and we have the Holy Spirit to help us change it. Like any other leader we need industry specific technical skills, physical attributes and above all personal attributes to help us be servant-hearted leaders. It is these personal attributes which are hardest to teach/learn but where being a disciple should give us a head start.

Michael said that there is a world of difference between being a believer and a disciple. Disciples:
  • Follow Jesus (the whole of life including work is about what HE wants)
  • Have an intimate relationship with him (live with him ALL the time)
  • Have a different world view (see the person and differentiate them from their actions)
  • Act like Jesus 
Michael illustrated these points with two case studies based around Daniel (Daniel 1, 2 and 6) and Joseph (Genesis 39 and 41). He encouraged us to consider:
  • Why would want to have this person as a team member?
  • Why would you want to have them as a boss?
  • Why should the organisation employ them?
One team considered Daniel and the other Joseph. Some common themes from the feedback were:
  • They knew who they were as servants of God
  • They did not hold a grudge against an unfair situation trusting God to sort it out but were also prepared to respectfully speak truth to power even when what they had to say was not popular 
  • Were reliable, honest, competent and caring
  • Brought blessing and prosperity to their organisation
  • They were a conduit to pass information ‘upwards’ as well as ‘downwards’. 
  • They were ‘for people even if they were ‘against’ principalities
  • Maintained an intimate relationship with their God.
Michael’s notes include a few other common characteristics but the overarching message was that to be the best servant-hearted leader we can be we must seek to be Jesus to everyone we interact with (Ephesians 4:1).
Following on from the talk, Chik Kaw provided a ‘Managers Perspective’ and Esther helped us to see things from a ‘Locum Employee’s Perspective’. We then considered two case studies on how all these principles could be put into practice using a couple of real-life scenarios from pharmaceutical practice. If you would like to have a go at this for yourself we have put together a number of scenarios covering a number of areas of the pharmaceutical world. We would be very interested in hearing your responses.
Following lunch in a local restaurant we turned our attention to feedback from the reasonably recent and ultimately successful consultation on the ‘conscience clause’ – see the detailed notes on the website – followed by a discussion of how to take the organisation forward and a time of prayer.
We agreed that:
  • Our current meeting frequency is about right 
  • We need suggestions from our membership about topics to cover in those meetings (a list of the meetings we have already held is on the website)
  • We need to generate an A4 page about CiP that can be used at conferences and especially to engage Schools of Pharmacy
  • The next event will be on a ‘scientific’ topic in Spring 2018. Keep a look out for details
What Next:
  • The leadership team will continue to meet regularly to develop the organisation 
  • Feel free to contribute your own thoughts and ideas about the organisation by email or on social media
  • Please keep praying for CiP as an organisation, its members and current events which affect our working lives
  • Please consider making a financial donation towards the running costs of the organisation and subsidising students so that they can attend future meeting

Many blessings


Simon Lewis
Christian in Pharmacy


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