eNewsletter 10th October 2017
'Lengthen your Cords, Strengthen your Stakes'

eNews ppt OctWhat have we been doing this month?
This month we ran 2 highly successful workshops – in Rugby and Cardiff – with numbers and engagement up from previous events at these locations. We also had a bumper month for CWG visits – especially in the Canary Wharf area of London. We also contacted many groups as part of our vision review – asking what their greatest needs were in the workplace and the most important thing TWUK has done for them. How would you answer these questions? Upcoming TWUK workshops can be found here.

Some encouraging words
We have received 2 prophetic words over TWUK recently. One was from Isaiah 54:1-5 – ‘Sing O barren woman’, ‘enlarge the place of your tent’. We take this as an encouragement that God will use TWUK for increasing fruitfulness. The other was that ‘the time for manna is over, times of plenty are coming’. Again, we believe, in faith, that God is preparing to resource us for the task ahead. These were exciting encouragements as we grow the work.

christmas-cookies-1051884640 What is your Group doing this Christmas?
The Christmas season is only 2 months away – and Christmas is the best time of the year for groups to put on an event to promote the Christian faith and the group itself in the organisation. Read here how one group is doing something different this Christmas - a Great Christmas Bake-off! We encourage you to be thinking and planning now about how your group could be a witness in your workplace. You can find more ideas here.
Figures craftsmen Can I really make a difference where I work?
We can each make an amazing difference where we work, as we live and work in the ways God wants us to. Elizabeth Ukiomogbe looks at the influence we can have, and how, even as individuals, we can add huge value to the organisation that we are part of. Adding value goes for TWUK too! How do we add value? Elizabeth explains how TWUK supports groups of Christians to make a big difference in their workplaces. Read more here.
Workers by Tower of London What will HR think of me as a Christian?
Should I keep my quiet about my faith? Will it count against me? A Christian HR manager explains here how CWGs bring real business benefits, and add to the diversity and health and wellbeing agendas. They can contribute to real, positive change in an organisation, increasing employee engagement, and be an instrument of transformation across the business.
Next TWUK Workshops and other Events TWUK is Supporting
LIverpoolLiverpool Networking Event - 10th October 2017
If you're a Christian in the workplace in the Liverpool area, come and meet other Christians working nearby, and hear Ros talk about starting a CWG where you work.
CotswoldsGloucestershire Networking Event - 14th October 2017
This is the second Gloucestershire workplace group event. You will be encouraged and connected to other workplace Christians in your area. You'll learn together through inspirational stories and experiences.

LCCN 3x2London Councils Christian Network Prayer Summit 'Advance' - 11th November 17
Come and join together with others Christians in the London area as we prepare to 'Advance' for God in our workplaces
City lights'The City Lights are On' - Canary Wharf - 14th November 2017
Put a note in your diary - Christian Workplace Groups on Canary Wharf are coming together in November to share and celebrate! 
light-1603766640TWUK Workshop: Christian Witness at Work - Peterborough - 21st November 2017
If you find it hard to live out your faith at work, come and hear stories of how Christians together at the workplace can bring about positive change and thrive

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