July - September Prayer Points 

We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to pray for in this third quarter of the year.

Firstly, for thanksgiving:

  1. Thank God that the submission of CiP to the GPhC consultation on ‘Religion, Personal Values and Belief’ and the prayers of our members were, in the end, heard and that the detailed guidance around how the proposed re-worded standard is to be interpreted retains the ability of Christians in the pharmacy world to act in line with their conscience and the best interests of patients when being asked to supply morally contentious products and services.
  2. In a similar vein we also thank God for the support that we received from several other Christian organisations on this issue.
  3. Give thanks that Michael Coveney has agreed to be our plenary speaker on the topic of ‘Servant hearted leadership in the workplace’ at our forthcoming London meeting (Saturday 14th October, Christian Concern, 70 Wimpole Street, London).
  4. For both thanks and prayer -  please give thanks that CiP has had sufficient funds to cover its required expenditure to date and pray for the Lord’s provision as we face some additional expenditure in the near future.
For prayer. Please pray:
  1. for the CiP leadership team that we will know the Lord’s guidance as we seek to grow the organisation both in terms of numbers and in terms of relationships.
  2. for a good attendance at the London conference and that those who attend will be encouraged and blessed both on the day and as they serve in their own workplaces.
  3. for members under pressure.  In particular:
    • those who are experiencing staff shortages, difficulty in recruitment and hence increased personal workloads especially in the hospital and mental health sector
    • those who are finding it difficult to ‘switch off’ due to a constant high level of demand
    • those experiencing uncertainty due to the potential effects of Brexit, especially:
      • the MHRA (30% of their work is currently directly undertaken for Europe)/EMA
      • Pharma Industry who need wisdom for where to base research and production post Brexit.
  4. for students who are about to enter university to study pharmacy or related courses. That they will meet with Christians in their universities and grow in their faith and their chosen profession.