The Value of Christian Fellowship 

Support from others
In October 2014, I received a brown envelope regarding the possible deletion of my post. It came as a shock as there was no indication that the post was at risk, on the contrary, the post was saving the organisation millions of pounds by providing newly refurbished homes on the private market to clients.

During the ensuing meeting with management, I asked the question, what would it take to revoke the proposal? The answer was, if I can produce a business case explaining how the post delivered value for money and savings to the organisation.

So I took up the challenge.  I went to my Christian fellowship group and shared with them what had happened. They all gathered around me, lifted up their voices (literally) and cried out to heaven on my behalf. One of them, a very successful business lady, offered to help me write the business case.

The end of the story is the business case was prepared and presented to management and the organisation’s proposal was revoked as a result. The amazing part is – the Director of another department offered to keep me in the job and pay my salary for a further year; and he did.

What this did was buy me time to put a succession plan in place for the Christian Workplace Group I led for almost seven years in the organisation. New leaders were appointed and prepared to take the work forward when I eventually left. Also, the option was given to merge the group with another Christian group (of a different Christian tradition), with which we had a good working relationship which is what eventually happened.

When Queen Esther was faced with the shocking reality that her people will become annihilated according to the plan and plot of their enemy, Haman; she turned to her close associates - her family and friends. They fasted and prayed for her and gave her the counsel she needed at the time.

‘Go, gather together all the Jews… and fast for me; and neither eat nor drink for three days, night or day. I also and my maids will fast as you do. Then I will go to the king, though it is against the law; and if I perish, I perish.’ Esther 4:16.

With their support and counsel, she was able to go before the king and petition that the proposal made by Haman be revoked. She did this at great cost to herself. Her life was on the line. But God was on her side, her people were on her side and she knew she was doing the right thing. The result was that the plot was foiled, the proposal was revoked and Haman was hanged. (See the book of Esther).

There is no substitute for Godly encouragement, fellowship and support. That is why Christian Workplace Groups are so crucial to Christians in the workplace. They provide the support and encouragement needed for Christians to thrive and flourish within the organisation. They also provide the confidence Christians need to influence the culture of the organisation for good. They help change the organisation’s ethos by providing a Christian presence – being ‘salt and light’. These are essential to preserve the community and give it the flavour and character of Christ – rightness, peace and true freedom.

Elizabeth Ukiomogbe
TWUK Lead Ambassador 

Jessica (Guest) 12/09/2017 17:39
Thanks Elizabeth.
A timely and encouraging reminder of why we are place where we are- to encourage one another, pray for our various workplaces and be salt and light in all (including challenging and stressful) situations.

God Bless