eNewsletter 6th June 2017
We are the Instruments.....

What is God calling us to do at our workplace? How can we possibly do anything for God when it just seems to be us on our own in what might be a large organisation? Well ... maybe it isn't just us! If it's a large organisation there are almost certain to be other Christians working there. We can pray to God that He brings us into contact with other Christians. This month we tell 3 stories which encouarge us that we CAN be effective for God in the workplace. Keep prayer at the centre. Be prepared to make use of the gifts God has given you - however small they may seem. God makes the small into the mighty! Then, follow God's leading and see what He does! Read below the story told so humbly of how God used someone to set up a CWG in a children's charity. Yes, there will be discouragements on the way, but the benefits are well worth it!
The Story of a New Group
afclogoshorta4cmyk-01 In 2015, Karis Kolawole moved from the Home Office to the charity Action for Children. At that time there wasn't a CWG there, but Karis knew the value of a CWG from her time in the Home Office Christian Network. She tells the story of how she set up the group in Action for Children, some of the difficulties and some of the encouragements, and also the joy and privilege of being linked with other Christians, and of being of value to the organisation. Read more here.
What is it that You have in Your Hand?
dandelion-54314640 Amidst the routine of day-to-day life, we may wonder what we can do for God. We may at times feel useless. We are not alone! Moses also made excuses to God, saying that he wasn't up to what God was calling him to do. But God said: 'What is that you have in your hand?' It was just an ordinary staff - but God made it into a supernatural one! All of us can do much for God if we simply use what God has given us. Elizabeth encourages us in this challenge. Read more here.
Christian Workplace Groups: Following in Jesus' Footsteps - Keep Prayer at the Centre
hands-2168901640 Prayer should be at the centre of all a CWGs does. Adrian looks at how Jesus taught his disciples to pray, and how it was central to His life - He sometimes spent whole nights in prayer and He was the Son of God! Jesus also combined prayer with action; He encouraged his disciples to go out, and take the good news of salvation to all they met. Prayer is an essential, and powerful, weapon for all that a CWG does. Read more here.
Next TWUK Workshops
smiley-4325631280Reading Networking Event - 4th July 2017
Our Reading ambassador Dave Law will be holding another networking event for any who are interested in starting or growing a CWG in the Reading area.
ManWarwickshire CWG Leaders Networking Event - 12th September 2017
A networking event and workshop for those interested in developing a Christian Workplace group in the Warwickshire area.
Cardiff logoCardiff CWG Leaders Networking Meeting - 19th September 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting groups from across South Wales as Ros speaks about starting a CWG and brings stories from her travels across the UK.