January-February 2017 

Dear All,
We hope you all had a great Christmas break. As we head into a New Year with all its possibilities and challenge please pray for:
  1. A robust but grace filled response to the GPhC consultation on ‘Religion, Personal Values and Beliefs’ that will lead to the rights of rights of pharmacists to decline to be involved in certain contentious practices protected or enhanced.  Please pray for the leadership team as we consider how best to respond to this “most serious threat to our conscience clause in at least the last 30 years”.  Please also pray that we will be effective in helping our membership and the wider Christian public respond.  This is an issue not only for Pharmacy but several other professions too.
  2. The staff of the MHRA and pharmaceutical companies at this time of uncertainty regarding the impact of the Brexit vote timing and its aftermath. Let’s pray that new safe and effective medicines can be made available to patients without unnecessary regulatory delays.
  3. Wisdom and success for those researching treatments in currently inadequately treated areas.
  4. Sound ethical principles to underpin discussions and decisions about how to progress the therapeutic application of potential cell based therapies (such as stem cell therapies, somatic stem line modifications, mitochondrial therapies etc)
  5. Our next get together in London on the 29th October.  that people will attend and that relationships across CiP will be developed.  It might also be a good idea to put the date in your diary!
  6. The leadership of CiP as we continue to build the organisation through genuine relationships. Pray that members who have attended recent events will continue to stay in touch with us and each other. Pray also that God will provide the needs of the organisation including finance, vision and wisdom about what to do when.
  7. Healing for Chik Kaw (secretary CiP) who is currently suffering from some serious eye problems
  8. That Christian students studying Pharmacy or pharmacy related courses will be an example to their colleagues and be effectively linked with the CU’s in their places of study.
With the prayers of the leadership team that you would be blessed in your service for Him in the pharmaceutical world.
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