What is Your Group Doing this Easter? 

Hot cross buns
As Christians, there are a few times each year when there are great opportunities to publically proclaim what we believe.  That’s because these times form part of the social calendar of the country, and hence also its workplaces.  Christmas is one, with Easter being perhaps the second most recognisable event.

So with Easter coming up on April 16th, has your group anything planned that would celebrate the resurrection of our Lord?  Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  • Most important is to pray in your group for favour and God’s direction in what you should do
  • Think about holding an event to explain the meaning of Easter or providing an information point that does something similar.  This could include:
    • having a table with resources - flyers, bibles, DVDs, sweets, tracts, booklets on different topics, for example ‘How can you believe in God when there’s so much suffering in the world’
    • giving out Easter eggs, hot cross buns or some other memento with a leaflet explaining why Easter is important to Christians 
    • inviting a guest speaker - it’s important to have a good communicator who is able to give a testimony of how the Easter story has impacted on their life and can share the message of Easter in a contemporary and relevant way. This could be a senior manager or an external speaker such as a church leader or minister.
  • It’s important to seek permission from senior managers by explaining what you want to do and stressing that the event  is not critical of any other faith or diversity group.  In getting permission, agree:
    • dates and  times
    • where to hold the event
    • how it will be publicised - eg email to all staff, posters, flyers,  use of plasma screens
  • Do your best to ensure that everyone in your Christian Workplace Group owns the vision and is involved. You can achieve this by delegating roles, which might include:
    • main coordinator
    • publicity coordinator
    • writer
    • photographer
    • prayer coordinator
    • refreshments including buying in Easter eggs etc
    • resources coordinator 
  • On the day of the event, have a clipboard and pen to collect names and email addresses for those who want to keep in touch with the CWG’s activities.  Also collect feedback from those who came.
  • After the event send out a ‘thank you’ note to senior management and to those who left their details.  Remind them that the CWG is ‘here for you’ and keep praying for all those who came.
Ros from a CWG leader (Guest) 09/02/2017 11:09
Have just received an email from a Leader who’s CWG are giving out hot cross buns in their office. They did it last year and was a success. It’s an open planned office with a kitchen and when toasted the hot cross bun aroma travels and colleagues follow their noses to the kitchen to receive a free hot cross bun. But check out the napkins they are using... https://www.cpo.org.uk/product.aspx?prod=V2408SE

NB: If you do this buy spreadable butter, especially if you only have a 30mins lunch break!
Have fun & bless your colleagues this Easter!!