Giving Away Free Bibles or Pamphlets

Free or low cost Bibles, or short pamphlets, can be obtained from a variety of sources. A web search will reveal many. The group can look for opportunities to hand these out to people in the workplace - maybe for new arrivals, visitors to events, at particularly at significant times in the calendar, e.g. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost. They could be accompanied by an attractive gift - e.g. an Easter cup cake or hot cross bun! Perhaps the group could set up a table by the entrance as people come to work, staffed by a member of the CWG, and hand them out as gifts - see an example here.

Giving away Bibles will probably be done differently depending on the size of the organisation. A larger organisation may require a different approach to a smaller more intimate workplace where it's not difficult to know everyone. This does not however, need to be restricted to small organisations - the BT Christian Network has handed out hundreds of Bibles over the years!

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