Transform Work UK Conference - 22nd October 2016 

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Our first conference for a few years took place on Saturday 22nd October at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London.
Around 100 people came to network and hear talks from the TWUK core team, Christian Workplace Group leaders and our keynote speaker, Richard O’Dair.  Richard is a barrister who has worked on many high profile cases involving Christians. He captivated the audience by explaining how Christian Groups can flourish in the workplace under existing diversity and equality legislation.
The day started with worship led by Pastor Nicola M'Panzu and the band from her church. This was followed by Jeff Steady, Chair of Transform Work UK, talking about our vision for Christian Workplace Groups.  Jeff spoke of the 400 groups we are now in contact with and our plans to increase this to over 1000.
Ros Turner Interviewed 3 CWG leaders who spoke about their groups. Steve Matthews of Sefton Council Christian Group, Stephanie Amoah of Barclays Christian Forum and Peter Davies of BT Christian Network recounted the different struggles and triumphs they had experienced over the years.  Next came our keynote speaker, followed by a time to look around several exhibition stands brought by a number of CWGs and other related groups.
After a buffet lunch and worship, Michael Coveney spoke on how to be a Christian in the workplace without appearing weird(!), followed by Jeff Steady talking on our new partner initiative.
Space doesn’t permit us to go into the detail of what went on, but over the next few months we will be presenting different aspects of what was discussed in our newsletters.  A copy of the presentation slides can be downloaded by clicking on the images below.
A review of attendee feedback forms showed that conference was highly regarded, with comments such as “I loved everything about the conference”; “Good to hear about CWGs around the country and prevailing legal issues”; “Honest and Open - worship was amazing”; “Excellent speakers - clear vision for the future – inspiring”.
A great big ‘thank you’ to all who came and supported us, in what will be an annual event.
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Opening Video

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Conference Presentation Slides

Talk by the Chair - Jeff Steady

Christian Workplace Groups - Ros Turner and panel

CWGs and Equality and Diversity - Richard O'Dair

Being a Christian in the Workplace - Michael Coveney

Towards 1000 CWGs - Jeff Steady

Graham Woodfield (Guest) 24/10/2016 21:20
Thanks for an excellent day.
Are the slides from Richards presentation going to be made available?

Shalom Graham

Jeff (Guest) 28/10/2016 10:39
Yes Graham they will .. Just awaiting confirmation from Richard.
(Guest) 03/11/2016 19:36
Ricahard's slides are now available above.
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