August - October 16 

  1. Our next get together in London on the 29th October.  We will discuss the spiritual/ethical aspects of new biological therapies particularly stem cells.   Please pray for people who are preparing papers for the event; that people will attend and that relationships across CiP will be developed.  It might also be a good idea to put the date in your diary! 
  2. The leadership of CiP as we continue to build the organisation through genuine relationships. Pray that members who have attended recent events will continue to stay in touch with us and each other. Pray also that God will provide the needs of the organisation including finance, vision and wisdom about what to do when. 
  3. Industry regulatory and government staff as the Brexit vote has led to uncertainty about how they will be affected in the future. Pray for wisdom for decision-makers and all staff who want to continue to ensure safe and effective medicines are authorised for appropriate use by patients and healthcare workers. 
  4. The leadership of the GPharmC as they consider responses to their consultation on ‘standards for pharmacy professionals’, including those from CiP members.  May we be able to continue to serve our patients in a God honouring way. 
  5. For several professions where a ‘conscience clause’ is currently under review to see their rights to decline to be involved in certain contentious practices protected or enhanced.  
  6. Wisdom for our political leaders as they weigh up how best to manage the NHS in the light of the dispute with junior doctors, financial uncertainty and the Brexit negotiations 
  7. New students starting Pharmacy courses. In particular pray that Christian students will be an example to their colleagues and be effectively linked with the CU’s in their places of study. 
  8. Please pray for wisdom and success for those researching treatments in currently inadequately treated areas. 
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