Workplace Groups: How can CWG Leaders Learn from Others? 

Sometimes CWG leaders can feel isolated.  Although there are a few exceptions, there is usually only one CWG in the organisation. Because of the very specific context, aims and objectives of a CWG, support from local churches can be varied. All in all, it may feel like there is no-one to turn to, to encourage and support you in managing and developing a growing CWG.

Of course first and foremost, CWG leaders can talk to a TWUK ambassador for help and advice.  However, there are real benefits in speaking ‘face-to-face’ with other CWG leaders who understand exactly what you are going through and who can talk through with you, your aspirations, aims and objectives for your CWG.

One of the best things therefore that you can do for your CWG, is to meet up with the leaders and members of other groups in your area!  Networking events are a great opportunity to share with others what you are doing, as well as learning from them what they do. By collaborating in this way, you'll find your faith and optimism increasing as you realise that there are many other CWGs out there who are having an impact on the organisations in which they work. You are not alone!

An example of a recent networking event was held in Birmingham.  Here more than 20 CWG leaders met, which included potential leaders of new groups, sharing testimonies and encouraging each other.  This event has become so popular that it now meets regularly every 2 months.

Most networking events that we know of take place in the evenings for 1 – 2 hours, and because they are ‘local’ it means leaders do not have to take time off work or give up too much of their family time.

So how does this apply to you?  If you are interested in attending a networking event, or would like to be involved in creating such a network in your area, then let us know. The TWUK team will then work with you and put you in contact with other like-minded CWG leaders.  We can help with the topics, promoting it to others, and in some cases come along and take part.

So are you ready to learn?