Towards 1000 Christian Workplace Groups - TWUK Restructuring

The TWUK Board has a goal of reaching for 1000 Christian Workplace Groups. This is the first release of critical changes in Transform Work UK to back up our aspirations.

Our first key development is the creation of a Support Services Lead role. Michael Coveney, a long-standing Board Member, has been appointed to this role. This will cover the administration and finance of TWUK plus a wide range of indirect support to CWGs. This move will serve those involved directly with Christian Workplace Groups and free us to apply full focus to growing CWGs.
Likewise, an Operations Lead role has been created to lead the way on supporting and growing CWGs – I will hold this role myself for the time being at least.

We will be aiming to have the right people in post, using the right people management processes. We will focus on increasing time spent directly helping to grow Christian Workplace Groups and reducing time spent by our key front line people on indirect work and other activity.
Ros Turner is one of the most significant factors in our recent growth to 370 CWGs. Ros Turner will now be designated our Senior Lead Ambassador.
Critically, the Board has now created two further lead ambassador roles. One has been filled on a temporary basis by Elizabeth Ukiomogbe, who is ideally qualified and experienced to make a big impact for us. You will understand that this appointment is a step in faith for us and I am enormously grateful to those of you who are contributing to this through the partnering initiative (if you aren’t already signed up as a Partner, you are encouraged to do so ASAP). The third lead ambassador role will be filled at a future date so please let me know if you are interested! We want to hear from you.
Ros and Elizabeth will be assigned a range of our existing ambassadors to manage, plus a large number of Christian Workplace Groups not currently under an ambassador, and will each have a growth area to address – for instance public sector or private sector. Our Ambassadors will shortly be assigned to either Ros or Elizabeth. We plan to identify training needs for ambassadors.

Once the three Lead Ambassadors are fully operative, together with our Ambassadors, our capacity to support existing Workplace Groups and to promote new ones will increase proportionately. I think you can see what a difference this will make in seeking to achieve our goal of 1,000 groups. This is a thrilling if challenging time for us and for Christian groups in the workplace. Please be sure to partner with us in this endeavour. More information on the TWUK Partnering Iniative can be found here

Jeff Steady (TWUK Chair)