Create a Website 

If the CWG has its own website, it will enhance communication of your activities to a wider range of people. It can include background information, telling people about the group, its aims and ethos, and its regular meetings. It can be used to post more information such as details of the next week's meetings.                                                        

Websites can be hosted on the internet, on Transform Work UK's website, or if permission has been granted, on the organisation's intranet. One of the advantages of a group achieving formal recognition is often that it opens up the possibility of use of the intranet, which, with the requisite permission, will allow you to post material about your group's activities. A website hosted on the organisation's intranet is likely to be more accessible to staff.

Websites do need to be maintained - there is nothing worse than a website which contains out of date information. If you set up a CWG website, make sure that you have someone clearly allocated to the task of maintenance.

Transform Work UK is able to host websites for groups, varying from a single page to multiple pages. Contact us if you would like to talk about the possibilities.   

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