May 16 

  1. Give thanks for the excellent session we had with Michael Coveney (TWUK) on sharing our faith in the workplace at our last CiP meeting.  If you want to hear his talk it is available on the web site. 
  2. Our next get together in London will be on the 29th October.  We plan to discuss the spiritual/ethical aspects of new biological therapies.   Please pray for people who are preparing papers for the event; that people will attend and that relationships across CiP will be developed.  It might also be a good idea to put the date in your diary! 
  3. Pray for the leadership of CiP as we continue to build the organisation through genuine relationships. Pray that members who have attended recent events will continue to stay in touch with us and each other. 
  4. Our appeal for funds to run the organisation has had a bit of a slow start.  Please pray that God will provide our needs.
  5. The request for individual prayer requests produced some interesting individual requests but which would not be appropriate to share in detail here.  Please pray for those feeling the pressure of their roles/studies and give thanks for those who have had significant opportunities to share their faith of late, asking that God would use what has already been shared to bring him glory and that further opportunities to build on those contacts would be forthcoming. 
  6. Please pray for students approaching a stressful time of year as they prepare for exams. Pray for a sense of focus and calm for them so that they can achieve their best. 
  7. Pray for Christian groups in government, hospitals and industry that Easter outreaches will have been successful and that non-Christians will be drawn to Jesus though our witness. Pray that our lifestyles and our attitudes to work etc. are Christ-like and attractive to non-believers. 
  8. Pray that Christian pharmacists would feel empowered to take a stand for ethical issues they feel strongly about eg EHC without fear of losing work, especially for those relying on locuming in community pharmacy. Please pray for continuity of jobs for locums and that they will receive reasonable pay for what they do.
  9. Many pharmaceutical companies are going through restructuring at the moment. Please pray for those whose jobs are at risk.  Also pray for Christian brothers and sisters to demonstrate and be able to share God's peace in the midst of anxious situations.  
  10. Please pray for wisdom and success for those researching treatments in the area of neglected diseases (particularly neglected tropical diseases.  Please pray also for ways of overcoming logistical supply issues, suspicion and local cultures that can act as a barrier to patients taking the medicine in a consistent way (if at all).  The church has a potentially big role to play in helping to overcome these issues.
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