Share the Miracle this Easter! 

sharethemiracle montage 2015

Simply put, sharethemiracle believes we are all 'designed for kindness' and that these moments of kindness can build and ultimately transform communities. Easter is arguably the most important time in the Church calendar, remembering what many consider to be the greatest act of kindness. sharethemiracle is an easy and effective way to connect with those in your workplace 
For several Christian Work Groups, sharethemiracle has been used on the front line. Useful within your 'whole life', sharethemiracle has provided an opportunity for people to reach out throughout the day - on the train, by the coffee machine, at the workplace or in the pub after work. Whether you're a trainee or a chief executive, sharethemiracle has enabled people to start a conversation through an act of kindness and extend an invitation to build their community. Some groups have used it to invite colleagues round for a coffee, just to get to know them; others have invited people to an Easter service run in the workplace.
Some groups have also used sharethemiracle to aid social action. Loneliness for example is a growing challenge for many, including the elderly. Why not invite people to join your group in reaching out to the elderly in your area and invite the elderly person to listen to a short musical performable, a story, play a game or simply enjoy a cup of tea. This type of activity has proven to be very impactful
The flexibility and simplicity of sharethemiracle and its all-inclusive nature has meant its something that everyone of all ages and abilities can engage in. Last year, groups ran it up and down the country in Great Ormond Street Hospital, through Westminster council, schools, churches, to the homeless, elderly, victims of human trafficking and more. Its been so exciting to see it grow from engaging 100 people during Easter 2013 to engaging over 15,000 people across the UK last Easter. 
Many have found sharethemiracle to be a fun, all-inclusive and effective tool to reach out, build relationships and form stronger communities at Easter and we’d love it if you’d like to join in too!

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